Friday, August 31, 2007

Few Words Friday

I just LOOOOOOVE a good salad!!

Sometimes, like here, I just lay down and then I chow down! Have a great weekend, everypup! Belly Rubs, Tasha

Thursday, August 30, 2007


Hey pups and GG, Eva here. The humans have been a combination of really busy and really lazy so we haven't been able to post and comment much lately. Tasha and I will have to use more of the power of the claw so they do a better job. We would do all the posting ourselves, but its all the no thumbs thing and computers that don't have dog-friendly keyboards!
Dad has been doing a good job of entertaining us. Here I am waiting for him to throw my bald ball for me again. Yes, I still have the bald ball that I mentioned in this entry,

Tasha and I were just kind of hanging out today. Here's Tasha relaxing in the nice cool grass. Then I decided that it was time to wrestle! Some times Tasha doesn't put up with too much from me when I start attacking her, but today she showed me a thing or two!

I may be laying down, but you know who's the boss don't you, Eva!

Look at that ferocious look on Tasha's face! We had a really good time playing today!
Belly Rubs, Eva.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Few Words Friday

Come on, you know you want to....RUB MY BELLY!!!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Busy Day!

Hey everypup and Girl Girl, Eva reporting today. Its been raining all weekend here. We have only gotten outside to do our business. Very boring. But on Friday Tasha and I had a very fun day. Mom and dad were both home and we got to run errands with them. Here's Tasha making sure that we are going the right way. Then dad had to go inside a store to get something and he left us with mom in our DUV (Dog Utility Vehicle). Tasha had to keep a look-out for dad.

We had to stop at a couple of other places that we couldn't go in, but then we went to one of our favorite places. It was the Chuck and Don's pet store! We got to go smell all kinds of good things and there were even two very cute little kitties there! But best of all, look at all the great treats that mom and dad got for us. We must be VERY good girls!

We have already tried a couple of the Moo Tubes. Very yummy indeed!
Look, a bag of treats called Bellyrubs! We just had to have those, since that is how we always sign off on our posts and comments.
The running of errands was just OK, the pet store was really fun, but the best part was yet to come. We got to go to the dog park! This is a very big one with lots of room to romp. Here we are at the gate when we got there. Unfortunately, there weren't any other pups there until we were ready to leave.Then off we went for a walk around the park. Notice how we stick close together. Well, at least for a little while anyway.
Of course there were many, many wonderful smells to check into at the park.

Look at the great wide open spaces to run around at this park. We just love it!
It also has lots of high grass to run through!
It also has some really nice trails with trees to walk through. Mom and Dad like this park, too.
After all that rompin', I was just exhausted. I stretched out in the back of the DUV and relaxed on the way home.
Both Tasha and I had a really good nap when we got home. Dog parks are the greatest! Hope all our friends had a great weekend! Belly Rubs, Eva.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Dad is Finally Home!

Hey pups and Girl Girl, Tasha here. I know it is supposed to be Few Words Friday, but I wanted to give you a little report on dad's motorcycle trip around the north shore of Lake Superior. It sure is nice to have dad home! He said he had a really good time. How he could have a good time without Eva and I is hard to believe, but he did. Here is a picture of dad and his friends Jeff and Tom before they left us. The first town they stopped in was Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. This is a pamphlet that dad found at the visitors center just across the boarder.

Dad thought about all our husky friends when he saw the bottom of the pamphlet. Here's a closer shot. Sorry that its blurry.

101 Things to do in Thunder Bay....When You Can't go Dog Sledding! We think that was pretty cool, too!

Dad said that the trip from Thunder Bay to Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario was one of the most beautiful trips he has ever been on. He wanted to stop more often to take pictures, but there was just so much spectacular scenery that he said he would still be up there if he had stopped to photograph it all! Over 400 miles of rolling terrain and curves through granite cliffs and forests without a McDonald's or Home Depot in sight! (He says that was a good thing!). I bet there were a lot of small woodland creatures that would have been REALLY fun to chase!
Here are a couple of pictures from that stretch of dad's trip

One of many islands in Lake Superior

Granite cliff along the Trans-Canada Highway

The next part of dad's trip was spent in the northwest part of lower Michigan near Traverse City. Remember us mentioning that dad went fishing on Lake Michigan? Here's a shot of him in action. He hadn't been fishing in many years, so this was pretty exciting for him.

Remember we said that he caught a fish as big as our house? Well, we exaggerated just a little. He did catch a 15-pound and an 8-pound King salmon. They also caught a couple of Steel head salmon. Here's a shot of the day's catch.

The last part of dad's trip has along the northern shore of Lake Michigan. First they had to go across the Mackinaw Bridge to get from lower Michigan to the Upper Peninsula. Here is a picture of the bridge.

We sure were glad to have dad home again! Mom took really good care of us, but we really missed our dad. He's the one that takes us for our walkies and yesterday he took us to the dog park! Good ol' dad!!
P.S. from dad. If anyone has the time and interest to make the trip around Lake Superior, it is well worth the time. Truly stunning scenery! There are numerous resorts and camping areas along with hiking trails. I wish I would have had more time to enjoy the area.
P.S.S. If there was any doubt by anyone that dogs have emotions should have seen and heard my two girls when I walked in the door when I got home!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

...and out came the storm shirt

We had a storms tonight. Tasha doesn't care but with my senstive nature, I was really scared. Momma changed our storm routine a little. First we got out my storm shirt but I surprised Momma. After I sat, I lifted my left paw 'cuz she always feeds my leg through that sleeve first. She was so surprised that I remembered. I got extra kisses from her.

After the shirt was on and I had my Rescue Remedy, Momma surprised me by building me a cave in the living room. (just a sheet over the arm of the chair and the end table). Between the 3 items, it wasn't too bad.

And Dad called, he went fishing on some lake and caught a salmon that's bigger that our house!

Belly Rubs,

p.s. No pictures because Dad has the little box.

Note from Tasha: Big whoop. I've known right from left for years.
Eva: but Momma didn't even have to tell me "left"
Tasha: so you made one good guess in 3 years
Eva: stop being mean to me
Tasha: Not my fault that your stupid
Momma: Enough! One more comment and you both get kennel time!

Friday, August 10, 2007

We dream of Pippa

Our poor Pippa thought we didn't love him any more. We do but we were pouting because he has lots of girlfriends. Yes, we know that it is a long distance relationship but we can always hope that one day we'll be at the top of his list. Or closer since Dad works for a German company.

Here is our favorite picture of Pippa. We pretend that he is dreaming of us.

(photo used with permission from

We like our boyfriends to be tall, handsome and intelligent. Most of the boy dogs that we have play dates with not very smart or are little dogs.

Belly rubs,
Tasha & Eva

p.s. there is an other dog that brings a twinkle to Eva's eye but don't tell Pippa!

p.p.s. Grandma said that she doesn't want any Moo-Tubes. But she might try the Syn-Flex since it is for people and animals.

p.p.p.s. Yes, we know it is suppose to be "Few Words Friday" but Momma is translating for us. She understands that we just had to post our favorite picture of Pippa.

Thursday, August 9, 2007


Sherman had a good comment about the Moo-Tubes that I didn't know.
"they are a good source of glucosamine chondroitin...which is important for a mature fellow like myself"

Since I am going to be 10 human years later this month and have a little arthritis issue, Momma is going to stop and buy me some tomorrow (to supplement my Syn-Flex). And some curly bully sticks (aka curly q). For those who don't know what they're made of, you do not want to know. It's gross!!!

Which reminds me, Grandma called last night and said she has arthritis in her knee. I wonder if she wants some Moo-Tubes.

Gotta go call Grandma back,

p.s. Can you see the flashing logo for GoodSearch on our sidebar? Some have reported that they can't see it.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Daddy left us!!!

Daddy left us this morning :-( He went north to Canada. Something about tired of going to Sturgis so he (and our neighbor Jeff) pointed the motorcycles north this year. He did call to tell us that he "forgot" his plastic money card. We think he left it for us to use. What should we buy first!

These toys have "silent squeakers". Each toy contains a replaceable ultrasonic squeaker that emits sound in a range above the hearing range of humans but just right for playful, squeak-happy dogs...... These toys are not for the dog who hasn’t learned not to tear up his toys yet. (guess that eliminates your average Sibe)

What about Windees (Moo Tubes)?

Or do we want Curly Qs?

It's a tough decision. We don't want to abuse the card. But we want new stuff.

We found this. It called Kong TIme-

"KongTime automatically dispenses food-filled Kong toys while you are away. KongTime entertains your dog and gives your dog something to look forward to. Endorsed by The Whole Dog Journal, KongTime is an automatic treat dispenser which can be set to randomly dispense one of 4 treat-filled Kong toys over 4 or 8 hours. Simply fill Kong toys with some goodie (see below) place them in the KongTime dispenser, turn it on, and let KongTime keep your dog entertained and content all day long. "

Sure, that will last all of 15 seconds until Tasha rips it apart.

Let us know what you think we should order. We're open to all suggestions.

Belly Rubs,
Tasha & Eva

Momma said he'll be back next week so we'll have to put up with her being our admin this week.
Retail items available at SitStay

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Hey, Hey pups & Girl Girl, Tasha here. Look what came yesterday! MORE MAIL!! Its always VERY exciting to get mail, but this was even more special because it came from Meeshka! It was the stuff that we won during her blogathon for Harnessed to Hope Northern Breed Rescue.

Come on, humans, open our package!

Look, its a very cool Husky-on-a-keyring! It smelled very good! I thought it was a toy and took it from momma and then threw it at her so she would play with me. But she said that it wasn't a toy and now its all full of dog spit! Well if its full of dog spit, it must be a toy, right? The humans keep saying that dog spit is a food group and that they always get their recommended daily requirements! Here is Eva and I modeling our keyring. I didn't mind it, but it bothered Eva.

Here is the item that dad was very excited to get! Its a Jack Daniels shirt from the Iditarod sled dog race. It came complete with Kara fur! We think that there was some Meeshka fur on there,too, because, according to the humans, some of the fur was red.
I smell HUSKIES on this shirt!
Can you see the authentic Siberian sled dog husky fur? Pups don't get that in the mail every day!
Thank you very much, Meeshka! You are one awesome pup! She stayed up and posted every 1/2 hour all night to raise money for pups that are in serious need of help. Momma stayed up with us and kept Meeshka company. Dad was a big wuss and went to sleep. He's lucky that we let him have the shirt!
We just heard something disturbing. It sounds like dad is going on vacation without us. We saw him loading up his motorcycle. We also heard something about a ride around Lake Superior. He said he would take pictures to show us. We don't want to see pictures, we want to go on the trip! We wish dad had a sidecar on his motorcycle, cuz we have our Doggles, so we are ready to go! Try as we might to convince him that we needed to go, it looks like we'll have to stay home with momma. That's OK, cuz momma always spoils us BIG TIME when dad isn't home. Way Cool!! Belly Rubs, Tasha.
P.S. Stop by and see our new friend Randi. Poor girl just had a bath and needs some sympathy.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

We got mail

We received a lovely note from Steve, Kat and Wilbur yesterday. You may remember that they committed 24 hours of their time to participate in the Blogathon. They were blogging for Adopt a Husky of Dallas.

We won a Magnet with Adopt a Husky on it. We asked Momma to put it on the fridge to remind us that there are dogs that need our help. Not that we really need another reminder. After all, I was a rescue.
Belly Rubs,

Friday, August 3, 2007

Momma is a traitor

So twice every day, Momma has been going over to the neighbors. And she comes home smelling funny.

We're kinda used to this smell.

But this smells like lunch!

She says there are turtles too but they are kind of boring. The neighbors are suppose to be home tomorrow. Then we can have our Momma to ourselves.
Belly Rubs,
Tasha & Eva

Few Words Friday

Hello everypup, Girl Girl and all your humans. Today for Few Words Friday we would like all of you to say a few words and a prayer for the victims of the devastating I-35W bridge collapse here in Minneapolis. Also remember the brave police officers, firefighters, paramedics, and rescue workers who risked their lives in the rescue effort. There were also many brave civilians who helped rescue victims immediately after the collapse. The deaths from this tragedy are small right now, but there are still many cars that are in the water and it is not known how many of the people in them were able to escape. There are approximately 20 to 30 people still missing.

The only positive of this is that traffic was down to two lanes from four in each direction because of road repair. If the whole freeway had been open, who knows how many more victims there would have been.

We would like to thank all of you for your concern for us and our humans. It makes us feel really good to have such a great group of friends. Belly Rubs, Tasha, Eva, Vicky, and Doug.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Bridge Collapse

For those who know that we live in MN. Neither Doug or I travel across the 35W bridge over the Mississippi in our normal commute. I do work a few miles south of the bridge and some of my co-workers do cross that bridge during their commute. At this time, we are not aware of any of our co-workers or friends being on the bridge at the time of the collapse. This bridge is near downtown and the collapse happened in the middle of rush hour. Currently, there are six confirmed deaths.

Vicky ( aka Momma)