Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Getting Stuck

Hi everypup, kitty, & GG, Eva here with some scary news. Last night I was just relaxing on dad's side of the bed like I normally do. I usually like to sleep with my head under the bed. Well, I started to stretch out and wiggle my way under the bed a little more. Momma called Tasha and I to go for our last time outside of the night before bed and all she heard was my nails scratching on the floor. I WAS STUCK UNDER THE BED! Momma had to wake up dad to lift up the bed so I could get out. Kinda embarrassing. I was just stretching out and the bed tried to eat me!! Nasty bed. Oh. well, I guess I'll have to be a little more careful.

Other than that not much going on around here. Tasha and I did help dad mulch some more leaves today. Here's a video of Tasha and I having a little wrestling match in dad's leaf pile.

We just love helping dad do the fall clean up! Belly Rubs, Eva.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

It's Fall!

Hello everypup, kitty, and GG, Tasha here today. Eva and I are such happy pups today! The temperatures have been down to around 50 degrees here for the last week or so. Fall is definitely here. The picture below was taken just a little over a week ago.
Here are those same trees today. The leaves were very pretty, but now they are all gone!
Dad is doing his fall duties of cleaning up after all of our trees. Look at the wonderful pile of leaves that he made for us today in the back yard!
I just love to dive into a pile of leaves! It isn't as good as a big pile of snow, but for now it will do. Here's a picture of my dopey little sister as she takes a break from running through the leaves.

Here's me checking out all of the wonderful smells that go along with a pile of leaves. There is hints of squirrel, bunny, and all kinds of good stuff in here!

Hey, Eva, how much poop do you think we hid in this pile?!?!?

I don't know what got into us, but yes, we did sit still long enough to have our picture taken. Dad was totally amazed. Always got to keep the humans confused!

Here are a couple of videos of us playing in the leaves. This first one is of Eva with her ball. As some of you probably know, Eva only plays with one ball. She had this one tennis ball that she had ripped off the covering and that was the only one she would play with. That's right, she had de-furred it! Click here to see our post about here bald ball. She has finally picked out a ball with the fur still on it. It took a lot of encouragement from dad, but she now plays with a normal tennis ball. Me on the other hand will play with a stick, small tennis balls, big tennis ball, basket ball, nubby ball, and a puppy frisbee. Just play with me already!! Anyway, here's Eva's video.

Can you tell that I love leaf piles? Eva and I help dad mulch the leaves. We're always here to help!! Hope all of are friends are having as good a weekend as we are! Belly Rubs, Tasha & Eva.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Few Words Friday

Could we have some privacy please?
This might not be appropriate for all ages! This is another picture that one of dad's friends found on the internet. We thought since it had a puppy AND a kitty it would be perfect for a Few Words Friday! Aren't they cute? Hope everypup, kitty and GG have a super weekend! Belly Rubs, Tasha & Eva.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

This n' That

Hey, pups, kitties, & GG, Eva here today. Its been awfully boring around here lately. Mom & dad are both working longer than normal hours again so not much time for them to get us online to check on all our friends. So here is what I've been doing a lot of lately.

How do you like my fort?
South end of a dog facing north.
I really like to get under the blanket when mom is relaxing on the couch. The only draw back is that sometimes she forgets that I'm there and I get stepped on! The humans should always know that they should look for reclined puppies before they get up. Seems like they never learn.
Even though it is fall here in Minnesota, some of the flowers in front of our house are still blooming. This is one of the dahlia plants that got planted a little late in the season.
Pretty Pink Flowers!
Here's one more of a deformed dahlia that has a really bent and curved stem from trying to get to the sunlight.
Nice red & white flower.
With the coming of fall here, dad is going to have a LOT of big bags to fill with the leaves from the trees in our yard. There still are a lot of leaves to fall yet, but here is a video of me looking for my ball. I needed Dave from the AO4 (since he is the Guide Dog for the Color Blind) to help me find it . My ball is a greenish-yellow and so are a lot of the leaves.

We can't wait until dad makes the piles of leaves! We think we heard that he was going to do that this weekend. It is so fun to dive into the leaf piles to find a ball or just wrestle with Tasha! Tasha really likes to make herself a bed in the leaf pile. Then all kinds of leaves stick to her fur! Sometimes she can sneak quite a bit of the outdoors indoors! We'll definitely have to post some pictures of us helping dad do fall clean-up! Belly Rubs, Eva,

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Dog Parks and a Bird with Rhythm

Hey pups, GG and darling Pippa,
We love our trips to the dog parks. Dog parks are not for everypup but if you like them, Momma found a new website that lists dogs parks by state (primarily US but some in Canada, Belgium and Australia).

Momma found this video on another site and found it amusing. Bad choice in music but the bird can dance!

We have new videos to post but blogger is acting up again. maybe tomorrow.

Belly Rubs,
Tasha & Eva

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Love to Paint!

Hey everypup, kitty, and GG, Eva here. I have discovered that I just LOVE TO PAINT! As you can see by these pictures, I really get into my work. I think this particular shade goes especially well with my coat, don't you think?

Just a little on the ruff is a nice touch.
But a lot on the Butt is fantastic!
Its a bird, its a plane, no, its PRIMER PUPPY!!
I think that is what my super her0 name is now. Mom says its a good thing the paint is a latex base, whatever that means. She says that means that it is fairly easy to clean up. Even if its in puppy fur. I had to have a semi-bath. I didn't have to get into the torture chamber like in this post, but I did have to get wiped down with a wet towel. I wouldn't let them brush me though!
All this helping is extremely tiring. I better go have a nap. Hope everyone had a great weekend! Belly Rubs, Eva.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Few Words Friday

Don't worry, dad, we're here to "Help"!

Hello everypup, kitty, and Girl Girl, Tasha here. The projects never stop around here. Here Eva and I are getting ready to help dad again. Look, its Zimmy from the AO4's friend Adrill! That funny looking thing in front of Adrill is a wall mount for a flat screen TV. Dad needed our help to put that on the wall down in our game room. Thanks to our supervision, the mount was on the wall and dad got to watch his favorite team, the Minnesota Vikings in high definition! We must have done a really good job cuz for the first time in a long time the Vikings won! Our friend Tadpole might be mad cuz they beat his beloved Bears. Hope no hard feelings, Tad! Have a great weekend, everyone! Belly Rubs, Tasha.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The River Hill Pack Interviews Us

Hey puppers , GG, and Kitties (can't forget our cat friends!). We requested the River Hill Pack , of Bama, Mikki, Cracker and Chili to interview us. Sorry it took us so long to get to your questions River Hill Pack. As you know, there continues to be remodeling projects going on, so we have to supervise the work around here to make sure every little thing is right! So let's get to it! The River Hill Pack's questions are in red.

1) Chili wants to know what is your favorite thing to do with your humans?

Hi, this is Eva and I'll answer the first question. There are lots of things we like to do with our humans. Just having them with us is great. They both leave us for something called "jobs" most days. Walks around the neighborhood are excellent,we like to help with the never-ending list of house projects, and of course we love to help cook. But we would have to say or most favorite thing to do with our humans is to go to one of the two dog parks we frequent. There is truly nothing better than being able to run around off-leash and say "HI!" to all the other pups there! Here's a picture of us with dad at the park.

2) Mikki wants to know if you like to play in snow? Do you dig in it, roll around & make pupangels, wrestle & playfight? (and what does snow feel like???)

Tasha here to answer this one. We absolutely LOVE to play in the snow! Me more than Eva, but we both really enjoy the snow. Dad makes some big piles of that wonderful stuff for us when he shovels the snow off the patio in the back yard. I just love to dig deep holes in those piles and stick my whole head into it! We also like wrestling in it. Here's Eva and I rolling AND wrestling in the last of our snow last spring. Here I am digging in a very small pile of snow. I think I had hidden a ball down there!

You also wanted to know what it feels like. Well, let me tell you, I it feels so nice and cool and crunchy! When it is really cold the snow will be nice and fluffy and light. When its warmer out it can be thick and icy. Any way I can get it I'll take it!!

3) Cracker was admiring all your CUTE baby pictures, and wants to know where your humans got you from?

Hi, its Eva. I'll go first. I adopted my family after Tasha's first sister, Tia went to the Rainbow Bridge because of cancer in 2003. Below is a picture of Tasha's pack in about 2002. The kitty in the picture is named Lola. She also went to the Bridge about a year after Tia.

Mom and dad thought that Tasha needed another sister and they saw an add in the paper for Belgian Tervuren puppies and they had loved my breed for a long time. They called just in time, cuz I was the last of the six pups in the litter! Here's a picture of me and Tasha on my first night at my furever home.

OK, Eva, enough its my turn. Mom and dad had just moved into their first house in December of 1997. The first weekend they were in the house they decided to go the the Golden Valley Humane Society to "JUST LOOK". Well, here is who they saw: How could they possibly resist those eyes and striking white paws?!?! So what started as going to "JUST LOOK" became "JUST LOOK AT WHO WE GOT!" or would that be "LOOK AT WHO GOT US!"? They've never been happier, I can tell you that!

4) I (Bama) would like to know what is your favorite game to play with each other?

Eva here. Our favorite game to play together is trying to bite each other's neck. I just love to attack Tasha, especially when she's not looking. Here's a picture of us in action! Sorry Eva, I have to jump in here. You may think its fun, but after a while you can be VERY ANNOYING!! I must admit though that it is fun when I get a good hold on your neck and show you who the real boss is around here.

5) We're borrowing our final question from Turbo (cause we think it's a great question, and love hearing all the different pups opinions). Why are humans so stupid?

Tasha here to answer this one. One of the many things that make humans stupid is their constant need to mess with their fur. I mean what pup in their right mind would what to wash their fur EVERY DAY? None that I know. And always putting stinky smelling stuff on their fur. And then there's dad shaving the fur off his face all the time! I don't think there is anything more stupid than that! Just think how silly us pups would look if we shaved all the beautiful fur off our muzzles. Oh, well, just have to put up with it cuz we love them so!

There you go River Hill Pack. Thanks for interviewing us, that was really fun. If any of you other pups out there would like us to interview you, here's what you have to do:

1. If you are interested in being interviewed, leave us a comment saying, 'interview me.'

2. I will respond by posting five questions for you. I get to pick the questions.

3. You will update your blog with a post containing your answers to the questions.

4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.

5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

On a Mission

Hi pups and GG, Eva reporting today. We got the mission news from Storm and Dave of the AO4. We weren't able to go to Dogtoberfest cuz the humans had to go shopping for paint and a new TV for the game room. We were NOT happy about that, but we did get to go on our mission! Our mission was to go conquer our dog park.

What a great mission! Can you see how happy Tasha is to finally be on our way? I was also very excited to be at the park. SOOOO MUCH FUN!!
Before we got started, we had to play a bit first. There were so many pups out on a beautiful day. It was sunny and about 60 degrees. Nice for the humans, but still just a bit warm for us pups.
Look at this cute little Italian Greyhound! He was very excited to be around so many pups. He would sniff us then try to get us to chase him. We're not much into chasing, but he sure tried hard. Tasha had to say "HI" also.
After a little more socialization and play time, we decided it was time to be off on the mission. Here we are on the march to our objective.

Laying low to avoid detection.

Here we are entering the woods. Got to keep a sharp eye, ear, and nose out for intruding squirrels and bunnies in our area.
If you remember from one of our previous posts, our park has been shrunk by stupid humans doing construction work near the park. As a result, there is this fence cutting us off from about one third of the park. And its a really cool part of the park, too. Can you see the fence in the background? We used to be able to go up that hill and continue back about another 100 yards.
Here's the other side of the park. Its only about 40 yards wide at this point, but its so fun to run up and down the hill and explore the woods. Hopefully soon the stupid human construction will be done and we can have the rest of our park back.

I don't know if dad was scared about our mission, but he tried to go AWOL on us. We caught him trying to escape on video. We were having none of that! We are very good at keeping our subordinates in line.

Dad should realize by now that there is no hiding from us. We find him every time he tries!
Finally we were ready to complete our mission. TAKE THE HILL!!
In case you don't know what "got your 6" means, it means that Tasha is watching our backs. You always have to be aware of any squirrels or bunnies that might be trying to sneak up on you from behind!
With our mission complete, we decided to retire to the rear area and socialize with the civilians a little bit more. All the pups seemed to be very appreciative of the job we had done to keep the park safe from squirrel and bunny invasion.
Look, even the humans wanted to thank us for a job well done!
After getting our fill of thank yous and head scratches, we had a good drink and went home to have a well deserved diner and nap. Trooper missions can make a pup very hungry and tired!
Unfortunately, mom was painting again when we got home. Smelly stuff! Zimmy from the AO4 wanted to know if Adrill was there and to say "Hi" to him. He wasn't, but some stuff called Abrush and Aroller were there, so we said "Hi" to them for him. We almost got paint on our snouts! The painting is coming along nicely, so we hope its over soon, but knowing our humans it will be a while before they are done.
Well, we hoped everypup liked finding out about our mission. We sure had fun! We requested to be interviewed by Bama from the River Hill Pack and we will be giving our answers very soon. There are real hard-hitting questions so we have to think about them a little more. Check back soon for that one! Belly Rubs, Eva.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Few Words Friday

I know we have to wait at every street corner, but
Is that a squirrel?
The remodel of the upstairs on our house continues so when we get to go for a walk it is a welcome break form all the noise and nasty smell of paint. We expect it to continue this WHOLE weekend. There is a possibility that we will go to Dogtoberfest tomorrow. If we do we will be sure to report on it! Have a great weekend everypup and GG!! Belly Rubs, Tasha & Eva.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Speaking of "Helping".....

"Helping" dad paint the dining room ceiling.
Hey pups and GG, Tasha here again. The 5-year remodeling of the upstairs part of our house is finally getting something done. And isn't it a good thing I'm here to help? Mom and dad were afraid that I would get my tail in the paint. That wouldn't be a very good helper, now would it? My tail did not end up in the paint tray and dad did a half-ways reasonable job on the ceiling. Hopefully he'll do just as well with the second coat that I fully intend on supervising.
Belly Rubs, Tasha.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Fall Colors and a New Game

Hey Pups and GG, Tasha here today. Its hard to believe, but this is our 100th post! We should have gotten to 100 posts sooner, but with the lazy humans that we adopted, its amazing that we have this many. We thought you pups would like to see some of the fall colors that we are starting to get here in Minnesota. Its starting to look like fall, but it sure doesn't feel like it. It was 83 degrees and very humid today! Fall my furry butt!! Anyway, here are some pictures of the colors so far.
This one is of the three small sugar maple trees in our front yard. Isn't it weird how some of the leaves on the tree on the left are still green? Dad says its because that one gets the most shade so it isn't as dried out as the other two. We had a really dry summer this year up until about a month ago.

We told dad to take us on a walk so we could get pictures of the trees along one of our routes.

Just look at all the leaves that have fallen in this yard already. Somebody has got some work to do!
Look at this tree. It has just a few red leaves and a whole bunch of leaves that are still green.

O.K., this isn't fall colors, but we think this is a pretty little garden.

Here is a good shot of a bunch of different colors.

Here we are posing nicely for dad in front of some pretty red sumac bushes.

Here is another bunch of sumac in that pretty fiery red!
To mark our 100th post, we would like to begin a new tag game. We would like to know what are your three favorite things to "Help" your humans do. So here are our three favorite things to "Help" with.
1. My favorite thing to help the humans do is to make sure that the kitchen floor stays clean when mom or dad is cooking. I take a lot of pride in doing a good job of cleaning up after those messy humans!
2. Eva's favorite is to help dad fall asleep every night. She says that dad would never be able to get to sleep if she wasn't there right next to him to help him relax.
3. Both Eva and I just love to help dad make his lunch for work. We do such a good job helping him that he always lets us sample what he is having in his sandwich and a once in a while a small potato chip! Its always nice to be rewarded for a job well done!!
We are going to tag Holly, Bama, and Randi. Tell us all you do to "Help" your humans!
Hope all you pups had a great weekend. Blog to ya soon! Belly Rubs, Tasha.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Few Words Friday

We just LOOOOOVE our dog park!
Hey pups and GG, Tasha here. Is there really anything better (other than FOOD of course!) than being able to run off-leash? Just look at the smiles on Eva and my faces! We haven't been there near enough lately, which doesn't make us happy, but hopefully very soon we will get to go again.
Its really starting to look like fall here in Minnesota, so if we can get the lazy dad to take us out to the park we will have him take pictures of the beautiful fall colors that are coming out. Have a great weekend, everypup! Belly Rubs, Tasha.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Theme Songs

Hey Everypup and GG, Tasha here. We were tagged by the AO4 to say what our theme songs are. We had to put dad on this one, cuz he's the music personality in the house. He makes us listen to all kinds of different music. He listens to everything from AC-DC to Zappa, from Mozart to Metallica, and Pachebel to Pantera. He had a really hard time choosing which songs would fit us best. Here is what he thought was best for us.

Since I am such a good girl, he picked the song "Lady" by Styx for me. That link is for a video of that song. Ok, I had to change a few of the words to fit how I feel my humans feel about me!

"Tasha, when you're with me I'm smiling
Give me all of your licks
Your paws build me up when I'm sinking
Claw me and my troubles all fade
Tasha, from the moment I saw you
Laying all alone
You gave all the fur that I needed
So cute, like a pup who has grown.

Dad is a really old guy, so many of you might not remember that tune, but it is a very good song and I think it fits me pretty good, even though I had to change just a few of the lyrics.

For Eva we had to go even further back in time. In 1962 a human called Little Eva released a song called "The Locomotion" . Click on the link of Little Eva in the last sentence to see her perform the song. Here's a video of Grand Funk Railroad's version of that song that dad really likes. We thought that fit Eva pretty good. Not just because mom and dad sometimes call Eva "Little Eva", but because she is a little "Loco" and she is always in "Motion"!! Sometimes I'm just so witty I can't hardly stand it! I don't hold a candle to Amber of the Army of 4 in the joke department, but I think that's pretty good!

We would like to tag Sitka & Tia, MayaMarie, and Ivy to tell us their theme songs. This was a really fun but hard tag game! Thanks to Bama for starting this and thanks to the AO4 for tagging us! Love ya all!! Belly Rubs, Tasha.