Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Eva's Ball

Hey puppers and Girl Girl, Eva here. Well, it finally happened. My ball lost it's fur.
At first I didn't know what to do. I tried to get dad to throw the ball's fur for me. He wouldn't do it. Something about not wanting to encourage me, though he said I looked pretty funny running around with the ball fur in my mouth! He tried throwing a ball that was NOT mine. I chased after it all right, but as soon as I realized that it wasn't MY ball, I left it where it lie. That's not mine! So finally dad threw the bald ball. Now that's more like it!! It bounces WAY better than it did before! It's really fun to chase.

Its been very hot and humid here the last few days, so no walks or dog park adventures for us. That's OK, though, cuz when its hot, we get OUR POOL! It's pretty well shaded in the back yard so we can stay outside for a little while and splash around and get cooled off after a session of bald-ball chasing.
How Refreshing!!
Not much else going on around here. Mom & dad took Bob to the car hospital on Monday. We haven't heard how much its going to cost to get him better yet. He probably won't be fixed until after the 4th of July. We just want him to get fixed so we can go for a ride with the top down! We just love the wind in our fur! Stay cool, pups! Belly Rubs, Eva.


Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh Eva, the ball looks better without the fur. You doggies look cool in the pool. :)

~ girl girl

Katherine and Pippa, said...

I like any balls too - but not for long, they get boring after a while.

What sort of temps are you having? Ours are 80s/90s and 70+% humidity.



Bella said...

swish swish the pool lookslike heaps of fun for hot days - Enjoy

Peanut said...

Glad you ball is better without the fur. I don't know how you get in that pool. Just looking at you in there gives me the willies.

Tadpole said...

Oh Eva... hee! You crack me up!

Ferndoggle said...

You skinned that ball alive!! You guys look so cool in your pool (hey, that rhymes!). I don't like our pool much!


PiratesGrrl said...

We need a pool, ours from last year bit the dust!

Fur-less balls are best!

The Brat Pack

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

My uncle Zero (GSD) used to remove the fur from his tennis balls. He took such pride in doing it, ha roo!! Oh, I love the pool photo. Mom was not home this afternoon to get mine out. Perhaps tomorrow???

Holly said...

I have never seen a furless tennis ball! You are quite talented to get it removed like that. I like your pool! It looks a lot like ours!


coco said...

well, i'd say you finally killed it. yep, that ball is definitely dead - and i'll bet it was loads of fun killing it, too! good job!

MaPaw said...

I wonder if Maximus bounces better without his fur. I will have to ask him. I hope Bob gets well soon.

Ivy said...

way to go de-furring that ball... i luv your pool too! you shud invite all your dog blogging friends over for a pool party!