Sunday, April 27, 2008

We're Back!

Hello all our furry friends, Tasha here. Well, we finally were reunited with our humans Friday morning. Let me tell you, Eva and I were SOOOO happy to see them!! There was whining and barking and prancing for joy! Don't get me wrong, we had a wonderful time at Dog Pad, (Thanks, Tory, you're the greatest!!), meeting lots of new friends and spending lots of time outside playing, but to see our humans after a long time apart was so great! They didn't take any pictures of the reunion cuz they wanted their hands free to pet and hug us, which was a good idea cuz we could have done some serious damage to the new camera with all the jumping and running around we were doing!
We thought we would share with you what momma and dad left on Thursday. This is a shot from the balcony of their room in Miami. The temperature was 82 degrees F. (28 degrees C.)
And here is a picture of what they woke up to Saturday morning! The temperature was 35 F. (2 degrees C.). Serves them right for leaving us! It was a very chilly welcome home for them.

Poor Asiatic lilies. They look chilly!

Mr. Robin doesn't seem too happy either.

So this is what we've been doing most since our vacation at Dog Pad. We needed a vacation after our vacation. Momma and dad spent a lot of time cuddling and petting us this weekend. I think they felt guilty about leaving us and missed us A LOT!! Maybe next time they think about taking a vacation they will have the good sense to take us along with them. We would make vacation twice as good!
We'll leave you today with some pictures of Eva and I doing our vacation recovery.
It's Good to Be Home!

AAAAHHHH, This is Where I Want to Be!

Drifting Off.

After a few more naps, we'll let the humans post some pictures from their trip. The only reason we are allowing this on our blog is because they took a few pictures of animals. As long there is at least one animal shot in the post we will allow it. Both Eva and I are very glad to be home and we are excited to catch up on all our friends adventures!
Belly Rubs, Tasha.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Big Puppy

Momma and Dad called to tell us that they are having a miserable time without us but we're having too much fun to return their calls. That'll teach them to ever leave us again!!

They did see this big puppy. We sure hope they don't bring him home.

Belly Rubs,
Tasha and Eva

P.S. Don't forget to stop by and vote for your favorite picture of the month. They are all great but we are partial to one. :-)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Green Stuff and Yard Art

Hi furkids, Tasha here. Believe it or not we do have a short time each year when things do get green. Just to prove it take a look!
Day Lilies

More Lillies
Sorry Pippa, (or is it Pipps now?), that we are posting pictures of flowers, but we had to show that it does get to be spring here in Minnesota sooner or later.
Green Grass!
The yard may look OK from here, but if you take a closer look, you will see that Eva and I are putting our STAMP on the yard.
Nice Footy Print!
Dad wonders why he can't get grass to grow in the back yard. Well, I think the above picture might give him a clue. This is a close-up of the wonderful yard art that Eva made. The shot below is of the entire work.
Too bad that Eva couldn't get this on canvas! She could sell it and we could be kept in treats forever!!
We are going to Dog Pad today for our vacation while the humans go on theirs, so we won't be posting for a week or so. We should be back to do a Few Words Friday post a week from tomorrow. It probably won't be few words cuz we'll have to tell you all about our vacation.
For all our snow loving friends, we'll leave you with a picture of Eva and I wrestling in the snow! Have a great week everypup!!
Belly Rubs, Tasha.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Nothing exciting going on today

Nothing exciting going on today. Except it was a bewootiful day so Dad took us for short walk on the Twilight-Nature loop. He didn't really have a choice since Momma asked us if we wanted to go for a walk. We always continue to agree very loudly until Dad puts on his shoes. He takes soooo long and then he makes us sit and be quiet while he puts our leashes on.

Oh! Tasha learned a new "trick". If Momma asks us if we want a salmon treat, Tasha goes and barks at the food safe. Otherwise she goes to the counter where our other treats are kept. Sigh...Tasha knows so many more words than I do. I hope I know as much as she does some day.

Belly Rubs to all,

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Our Sleep-Over at Dog Pad

Hi furkids, Tasha here. Oh, my dog, did we have an adventure! Our sleep-over at Dog Pad was really fun after we got over the initial shock of not being home at night with our humans. Believe it or not I didn't eat my dinner after momma and dad dropped us off. As most of you probably know, I do not miss meals. Let me repeat, I DO NOT MISS MEALS! So for me not to eat, that is really saying something. Eva didn't eat either, but that was pretty much expected.
After we got relaxed and had some sleep, before we knew it, it was morning and time for breakfast. Eva and I were both REALLY HUNGRY and proceeded to polish off BOTH our dinner from the night before AND breakfast! At about 9:00 a.m. the day care doggies started to show up. All Right! Play time! Too, bad that it was raining most of the day. Eva didn't care, though, she wanted to stay out back in this great outdoor area.
Eva and I were just minding our own business, having fun, when what happens? WE GOT BATHS:( We were having such a good time, being good pups, what could we possibly have done to deserve that? Oh, well, it wasn't soo bad. Tory was really good with us. We like her! The humans think we smell good, but I preferred the way we smelled before. As you'll see later in this post, we have lots of resources to get our proper dog smell back.
Around 3:00 p.m., I detected a familiar sent. Dad didn't say anything when he walked in hoping to get some candid shots of us. It only took me about 30 seconds and I KNEW he was there. I started letting all the other pups know that my dad was here!
Here's Eva when she found out that dad was there.

This picture was as soon as dad walked in. For once he was ready with the camera. This is before I realized he was there. You can just see my back in the lower left corner and Eva is in the upper right corner. That is Tory letting some doggies out to play. Isn't this a great indoor play area? We really like the raised cots. Very comfy! Tory sure has a great place here.

In this picture, I've figured out that dad was there! Can you see that I'm still wet from my bath? We have quite the pack of pups here, don't we?!?!? What a good time!

Here is a video of me letting everypup know that my dad was there.

We were SOOO happy to be home and back to our routine. And that means we have to go check our territory. What a wonderland of muck! We were so excited! Do you pups think that there are any possibilities here for Eva and I to regain our doggish aroma?

All in all, we had a really good time at Dog Pad. Having all those new friends will help us not miss our humans as much while they are on vacation. Why they can't take us with them is beyond me. Something about trauma for us and their wallet.

We hope you enjoyed the little tour of Dog Pad and our fabulous swamp-like backyard. Everypup, kitty, and GG have a great day and week to come!

Belly Rubs, Tasha.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

We'll report on our sleep-over tomorrow but in the meantime.......

I just realized that I have never seen another Belgian Shepard (any variety) since I left my mommy. Well, except for on TV and that doesn't count since I can't sniff them. I shouldn't be surprised. Per the most recent stats from AKC: 98 Tervuren litters registered in 2006. Not a lot compared to the 41,132 litters registered the same year for Labs. Thats not counting the puppy mills and backyard breeders. Don't get our Momma started on that subject.

Other sad news - Momma's friend had two of her dogs recently diagnosed with cancer. (No names since Momma has not contacted her yet to obtain permission. But if you watch any of the big televised shows that also have obedience, you've seen them). One dog with testicular cancer and has had surgery. The other with Hemangiosarcoma. Our thoughts are with our friends at this time.

We wanted to share the canine cancer website linked above. Knowledge is good. Knowledge is powerful. Some cancers attack very swiftly and often you are not aware of it until it is too late. And we got an extra hug and kiss from Momma in memory of our sister Tia who went to the the Rainbow bridge when she was diagnosed with stage 4/5 lymphsarcoma.

Hugs to all,

Friday, April 11, 2008

Few Words Friday by Dad.

With the girls on their sleep-over at Dog Pad here is what doesn't happen:
No wet puppies to dry off. We're having a wonderful mid-April snow storm happening right now.
No Tasha letting us know its 8:00p.m. and that its time to go outside.
No Eva jumping up on the bed to make sure I get to sleep OK.
No puppy dinner and breakfast to make.
No cold, wet puppy noses in the face and tails banging on the wall as soon as my alarm went off this morning.
I sure miss all these things. This house is just way too quiet. I'll be going to pick them up this afternoon. It can't come fast enough for me.
I sure miss those pups.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

We're on a Sleep-over!

Hello, furry buddies, Eva here today. Momma and dad asked us if we wanted to go on a sleep-over at Dog Pad. Momma and dad are going on vacation soon, so to get us used to staying in a new place they thought it would be a good idea to have us spend at least one night at Dog Pad before they go.
In this picture Tasha is saying, "Yes, yes, let's go to Dog Pad!" I'm saying, "I don't know about this." I do admit that I am a bit of a scardy-pup. Momma and dad thinks it will be good for my confidence to spend some time in a different place without them and with lots of other pups and different humans. I'll do my best to be a normal puppy, but I'm not making any promises!!
I think that Tasha and I will have a good time and that the humans are going to miss us terribly. Serves them right for going on vacation without us!! We'll report on our sleep-over after we get home tomorrow night.
Belly Rubs, Eva.

Monday, April 7, 2008

No More Snow.

Hi Furkids!
Hey everyone, Tasha reporting today. What a difference a week can make here in the great state of Minnesota. Last Monday our yard looked like this:

And this is what our yard looks like today:
Where did our snow go?
This is about all I could find. What a bummer! As you all know, I just love my snow. There is still a chance we could get more, but it probably wouldn't last very long. That means it will be a loooooong wait until we have any significant amounts again. Oh well, that just means Eva and I will get to go to the dog parks more, which is a pretty good trade-off!

All Snow Piles Melted. Woe is us.

Even though the snow is gone, we now have a swamp to play in! That really makes the momma and the dad happy. (Well, maybe not so much). We do get lots of rub-downs with a towel when we come in from outside. We love being towel dried! More attention being paid to us is always good!
We would like to give a huge THANK YOU!! to Sitka and Tia for nominating us for Picture of the Month over at The Bone Zone. Be sure to click here to go vote for your favorite! There are some really good pictures this month and we are very honored to be nominated! Thanks sooo much again Sitka and Tia for nominating us! We really appreciate it!!
Belly Rubs, Tasha.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Few Words Friday

Two Questions:
Do any of you other pups like to sit like this on the stairs? I find it comfy.

Can you see my little sister's devil horns? She can be a real demon at times!

We're sorry that we have not blogged this week. Its been a pretty dull around here, except for the heavy, wet snow that fell on Monday. Almost all of that snow has melted. That makes me very sad. What makes me happy, though, is that Grandpa and Grandma are coming to see us this weekend! We love when they come cuz we don't get to see them very often and they always give us lotsa lovin'!! Have a great weekend, furkids, and we'll bark at ya soon!
Belly Rubs, Tasha.