Saturday, May 31, 2008

The time has come......

I think that it's time to change the name of the blog. Tasha will always be with us in spirit and in our hearts. She may show up in pictures and in stories and will always featured at the top of my sidebar. But I'm tired of Momma and Dad crying every time they see her name in big letters at the top of this blog.

This blog is now about ME!!! If you have any suggestions, feel free to submit them. My friend Khyra came up with Eva-lution for a post title and gave us permission to use it as a possible blog replacement title.

I have been having a lot of adventures but Momma is too lazy to hook the little box to the big box. So without the pictures, I told her that I can't share them. She promised me to do it within the next few days.

Belly rubs,
Princess Eva

P.S. Momma wanted to share that she is submitting an application to Belgian Rescue. If they find our app and our references acceptable and then we pass a home inspection, we'll be on a waiting list to be matched with another Tervuren. Momma is a little worried because I'm such a neurotic dog that they won't think that we deserve another Terv. But my confidence is growing everyday. Instead of my kennel, on my bed or between the sofa and the ottoman, I've even started napping in the foyer which was Tasha's favorite spot. From there I'm exposed to upstairs, downstairs, the front door and the door to the garage. Momma says that this is a big step towards becoming the alpha dog.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Me & Dad

Hi everyone, Tasha and Eva's Dad here. I would like to start by thanking every pup, kitty, hammy and human for all of the prayers, kind words, and encouragement that have come our family's way since Tasha's trip to the Rainbow Bridge. I have finally gotten the courage to read all the comments and see all the tributes that our fabulous friends have written. I must say that the outpouring of love and support is unbelievable. All of you have made this extremely difficult time easier to bear. Knowing how much Tasha was loved by people that have never met her makes me feel like Vicky and I may have come close to showing what a wonderfully beautiful soul our Tasha girl was. Thank you all once more so very, very much for your kind words of support and encouragement.

Our neighbors are here for us, too. Our good friend Cheryl from down the street had this made for us.

What a wonderful gesture, thanks Cheryl. Cheryl helped us when we first brought Eva home by coming by while Vicky and I were at work to let the young pup out to do her business.

Eva seems to be doing better. She was off her food for a few days, but now she is eating everything again. You can tell that she misses big sister, though. Poor girl is lonely, but I'm doing my best to entertain her while I'm home. I think she loves the extra attention. Oh, what the heck, I should turn it over to Eva since this is her blog. Thanks once more to all our fantastic friends who are so understanding of the puppy freaks that we are.


Hey, furkids, Eva here. (Finally. That Dad of mine can get kinda long-winded!). Well, it has been a very strange week for me. First the Momma and the Dad came home without Tasha and they got my fur all full of leaky eye and nose stuff. Then we went to a new dog park that just opened not too long ago. I think Momma told you about that trip already. I did a good job of sticking up for myself when another dog thought he could scare me! The humans were very proud of me. I guess I can be tough when I need to be.

Tasha has told me that I have to be the big girl of the family now, so I have to do a lot of things that I haven't done before. Here I am saying goodbye to Dad as he leaves for work.

(Dad here again. Tasha would always go to the top of the stairs in the foyer to see me off to work. Eva would come by once in a great while, but she has been there every day this week to say goodbye.)

Another new job of mine is to protect Dad when he goes to get the mail. This is a very hard job, cuz you never know when a squirrel or bunny would want to steal our mail. I'm such a good girl that Momma and Dad trust me off-leash out in the front yard.

Then it was time to check on the new flowers.

A close-up of MEEE! and the flowers. (Sorry Pippa's Mistress, the flowers are small and the mulch won't be refreshed until the rest of the flowers are in. We'll show them again when it's done.)

I also get to hang out with Dad in the garage! Here is me and Dad's motorcycle. I know right away when Dad is home when he rides this somewhere.

This is great, Dad! HIGH 4!!!!

I am also taking the guarding of my territory very seriously as you will see in this video. Be sure that the volume is up so you can hear the ferocious defending of my turf.

Did you notice the talent that I displayed? I can bark with my ball in my mouth. If that doesn't scare off any intruder, I don't know what will! I guess that is about all for today. I really miss my big sister, but it sure helps to have so many great friends out there to keep me company. (And I have been getting spoiled rotten by the humans!)

Belly Rubs, Eva.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Grandma says...

Grandma misses Tasha and shared these words of wisdom with Momma and Dad-

One of the downsides to bringing a dog into your family, is that you have to deal with the pain of when their time is up. If you wanted a pet with a long life span, you should get a turtle. To which Dad responded "Well, that would be a really exciting game of fetch". Dad is so silly.

No offense to our neighbors who actually do have turtles as pets. Or at least no more offense than normal when Momma asks them how the pet rocks are doing.

The "I am finally being treated like the true princess that I am" yet lonely,

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A message from Tasha

As a last post from us (the humans), we want to share a few experiences with you. We believe the spirit lives on and has a choice to go to the "bridge" right away, delay to convey a message or remain earthbound.

The first time that this happened to us was when Tia passed to the bridge in January '04. Tia had a habit of circling around Doug and then standing between his legs with her rear sticking out the front so that Doug could scratch her rump. About an hour after Tia passed, Tasha did this same action. Understand that Tasha had never done this behavior before or since. We took this as a message that Tia was letting us know that she had made it to the bridge and she was OK.

Last Saturday, after Tasha had passed and while I could still feel her spirit next to me, one of the things that I asked of her was to send us a message that she was OK and that she understood.

When we got home, we needed a distraction so we took Eva to a new dog park. While we were there, another dog tried to show his dominance and mount her. Typically, Eva would scurry away and hide behind us. This time, she exhibited a Tasha behavior and whipped around and let him know that this was not acceptable. Tasha was a dominant dog but a calm easy-going dominant. With just a look and an occasional snarl, everydog knew that Tasha did not tolerate this behavior. We were stunned that Eva did exactly what Tasha would have done and thought "is this the sign from Tasha"? Eva then returned to her normal submissive nature. Eva does not like loud noises, quick movement, children and is not fond of anyone but us. Even people she knows have learned to let her slowly approach them.

Sunday morning, I took Eva for a walk. Our neighbor Jeff was outside and Eva was actually pulling at the leash to go up to him to be petted. Once again, this is Tasha behavior and not Eva behavior.

Monday afternoon, we were out front planting flowers. Eva was just hanging out with us off-leash. (She can be trusted since she won't wander far from us and has great recall. And we live on a cul-de-sac, so there is no traffic) Another neighbor Bob comes over. And then his wife Jane. Each time, Eva easily went up to them to be petted. Once again, Tasha behavior and not Eva behavior.

Could this be explained that since Tasha is not here, Eva is more confident? Maybe. Or it could be Tasha's spirit knows that Eva is not ready to be alone yet and is providing guidance to her? Maybe. Are we crazy? Yes.

Again, thank you for all of your support. It helps to know that Tasha will be missed by so many. We'll be visiting each of your blogs to thank you personally over the next few days. Tasha may not be with us physically but she'll always be in our hearts and memories. We will be spreading her ashes at some of her favorite places.

We're turning the blog over to Eva. Since she is now the focus of our attention and we need distractions, she has been having a few adventures that she wants to share with you. She'll start blogging again in a few days.

Hugs to your pups
Vicky, Doug and Eva

Sunday, May 25, 2008

If It Should Be....

Hello everyone, Tasha & Eva's Dad here. It is with tears in my eyes, shaking hands, and a hole in my heart that I tell you Tasha crossed the Rainbow Bridge at 2:00 p.m. yesterday. Her breathing had been getting progressively worse and she showed very limited interest in her food or treats. She seemed so sad and we had recently started seeing fear and confusion in her eyes. The latest test came back negative for blastomycrosis. This led the doctors to continue to believe that it was some type of cancer and they could continue to run more tests, but it just didn't seem fair to put her through additional testing when you could tell that she wasn't happy and she was going downhill so fast. Did we do the right thing is always the question. Seeing Tasha the way she has been this few weeks, I'm pretty certain that we did. I think she thought so to because as I held her in my arms, the last thing she did before she went to sleep was to give me a big kiss. Yes, I totally lost it there. I hope that was a sign from her that she knew she was going to better place where she can breathe easy and run without pain.

Here are some of our favorite shots of Tasha. First Night at Furever Home.

Keeping an Eye on New Dad.

Loving Snow at 12 Weeks Old

Tasha wasn't an only dog for long. Tia arrived in December 1998 to keep her company.

Showing Tia How to Attack Momma.

Resting Between Puppy Training.

A Little Rasslin'!

A Favorite Place to Relax.

Together at the Rainbow Bridge with Tia and Lola
Tia went to the Bridge in January of 2003 when she was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in multiple organs.

Tasha loved everyone and loved to go to the dog park, on walks and to go on other adventures. She thought everyone existed to pet her and rub her belly. Yet she was very protective of us and her house.

Saying "HI!!!" to Jeff. The Tails a Blur. Happy? OH YEA!

With Momma at the Renaissance Fair.

Hi Buddies, Nice to Meet You!

Socializing with Both the Pups and the Bipeds.

Playful Puppy.

Tasha loved to help.

Helping With the Leaves.

Helping Scoop Snow.

I think that playing in or just laying in the snow was Tasha's favorite pastime. She had to have been part husky.

Lovin' It.

Gotta Roll!!

Is There a Ball in Here?

Cooling Off on a Hot Day.

Tasha loved her pool almost as much as snow. She would get so excited when her pool came out every spring. She would spin in circles with her head in the water and her mouth open. Her head would come up with water streaming off her and her tail wagging furiously.

Happy Girls at the Dog Park.


September 1997-May 24, 2008

Rest in peace and play pain free. We will miss you terribly.

Vicky and I want to once again thank all of you that have been so supportive through this extremely hard time. Your prayers, thoughts, comments, and Sibe Vibes have been felt and appreciated more than we can say. Thank you all so very much.

Tasha's Loving Momma and Dad,

Vicky and Doug

If It Should Be

If it should be that I grow weak

And pain should keep me from my sleep,

Then you must do what must be done,

For this last battle can not be won.

You will be sad, I understand.

Don't let the grief then stay your hand.

For this day, more than all the rest,

Your love for me must stand the test.

We've had so many happy years.

What is to come can hold no fears.

You'd not want me to suffer so:

The time has come--please let me go.

Take me where my need they'll tend,

And please stay with me till the end.

Hold me firm and speak to me,

Until my eyes no longer see.

I know in time that you will see

The kindness that you did for me.

Although my tail its last has waved,

From pain and suffering I've been saved.

Please do not grieve--it must be you

Who had the painful thing to do.

We've been so close, we two, these years;

Don't let you heart hold back its tears.


Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Dear Eva,
Dad said that it was not nice that I called you dumb and I need to apologize. So I'm sorry that I called you dumb.


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Still no clue

Sorry but we are not yet returning to our regularly scheduled blog. The latest lab results are still not conclusive. The tests are not coming back indicating cancer but we are still not getting an answer as to what is wrong with Tasha. We're doing one more test tonight that is specific for Blastomycosis. This is a test that this clinic has never done before and is fairly new. Allegedly, it is 97% accurate and the sample is being couriered to a different lab in Indianapolis. If we do not get an answer with this test, we're going to get Tasha referred to the U of MN. We may have to pay for some of these tests again but as long as we find an answer, we will do anything and everything that is needed. It is challenging to try to keep everything light-hearted at home so the girls don't pick up on the emotions.

In the spirit of what this blog was intended for, I'll turn it back over to the girls for a comment.

Tasha - Dad took me for a ride in the DUV again. For some reason, we don't go anywhere fun anymore like the park. But at least today when we got to where we were going, Momma was there. I love Momma but not as much as I love Dad. She buys us treats and shares her food but Dad takes us for walks and to the park.

Eva- Park!! Did you say Park?

Tasha - We are not going to the park, I was just explaining that I love Dad more because he takes us to the park and plays with us every day when he gets home.

Eva - Hmmm, I'm not sure who I love more. Dad throws my ball further but Momma protects me from big boomies and puts my storm shirt on. I'm going to my kennel to think about this.

Tasha - 5..4..3..2..1.. Eva already forgot what she was thinking about. She's dumb.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Eva's Solo Adventures

Hi furry friends, Eva here. I am finally being allowed to tell you about my first solo trip to the park and a ride in Momma's convertible! Both were very fun, but it was strange without my great big sister Tasha.
I'll take you to my dog trip park first. I decided to pose for dad for this shot.
I decided to give dad my other profile and look what happened!
This wind is causing a bad fur day!

It wasn't too long and I had had enough of the posing, so off we went for a walk around the park.
Let's Go Dad, You're Holding Me Up!!

Here's a picture of me by an area where humans will sit and socialize while their pups do the same. Those are pieces of a tree that fell down last fall that they use as a table and chairs. We walked all over the park and only saw a few pups on this day. After about an hour, I had this to say for Dad:
I'm Ready to go Home for Diner Now!!
As usual, I got my way and when Dad and I got home, we were sooo, sooo, surprised to se Tasha! As you know from Friday's post, Momma sprung Tasha from the vet early! Both Dad and I were very happy to see her. But enough about little Miss Spoiled, this post is about me!
On Saturday I got to go on a Field Trip with Momma to a Pet Fair in Shakopee and to Chuck & Don's Pet Store. I love that place! So many fantastic aromas! Here's a shot of me all ready for a ride.
I'm Ready!!
As you can see I have my Doogles on, but what you can't see is that I was all strapped in with a heavy-duty harness that hooks into the seat belt of Momma's car.

Let's Go Already! I'm Bored With All This Picture Stuff!

As Tasha mentioned yesterday, I saw Tory from Dogpad and Dogmom from Gomer and Opies blog at the Pet Fair. There was this other woman there that was so excited to see me. She loves Tervurens and wanted to pet me. Since most people have never heard of the Belgian Shepard varieties, I let her pet me as a reward for knowing what breed I am. We didn't stay at the Pet Fair for long because I was "stressing" and we needed to get to Chuck and Don's to pick up kibble and treats. I convinced Momma that we need 3 bags of treats (yam slices, blueberry treats, and salmon strips. All made in the USA). We've told Momma that we really like the banana and blueberry treats from MayaMarie so we picked up some of the treats that we had sent to Pippa for his Gotcha Day to hold us over until MayaMarie's momma is marketing her treats.
Tasha asked me to say Hi to everyone and thanks for the healing thoughts. She had a good day today but refused most of her dinner. Maybe because she's nervous about the test results that may be back tomorrow. She did just scare Momma by having an episode of freaky breathing.
Belly Rubs to all pups and puppy kisses to your people,
P.S. Momma does make sure that the Airbag is off and she holds my collar/leash as a back up to the safety harness. We stay on side streets and do not go on any highways. I want to go faster but until I get my driver's license, she's in charge.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Quick Update

Tasha here- I wanted to share the reason why I got to come home early. They canceled / postponed my sequel. Instead of putting the camera into my lungs, the doc thought she could get a good sample by sticking me with a really long needle. This way they didn't have to use the anesthesia. The test results will be back on Monday or Tuesday. I hope this over soon. I'm tired of taking all these tests.

I had a good day. Dad served me breadkfast in bed. Actually Eva's bed and I wouldn't eat all of my kibble so I got extra treats including some that MayaMarie's mom made. Yum!! - banana & blueberry.

This is comfy

Then I spent the afternoon outside with Dad. He hasn't mowed the backyard yet so the grass was tickling my bare tummy and my "crop circles". I forgot to tell you that I have "crop circles" where the doc stuck the long needles.

I think I smell squirrel

This is NOT funny

I am going to let Eva post tomorrow about her recent field trips. Today she saw Tory from Dogpad and even met Dogmom!

I have to go now because it's time for my 197th trip outside today.
Belly Rubs,

She sprung me early

Momma came and sprung me early from the clinic so that I could surprise Dad when he came home from the dog park with Eva. He was so happy to see me but then Momma told him that the Dr. is talking about cancer again. They want this roller coaster ride to stop.

I've thought I'd share how well my people's training is progressing

  1. They watch my every move in case I need something
  2. They hand-feed me and keeping asking me to have one more bite
  3. I get more canned food in my kibble which makes item #2 more fun
  4. I get more cheese and peanut butter and scrambled eggs and treats when I refuse my kibble
  5. I get more rides in the DUV (Today I rode home in Momma's car with the top down. I love the breeze in my fur)
  6. Eva has to leave me alone or she gets yelled at
  7. They carry me up and down the stairs if I look at them with puppy dog eyes
  8. I can nap in Eva's bed and they don't tell me to go to my own bed
  9. Eva has to have a bath tomorrow and I don't have to because I'm delicate
  10. I get ANYTHING I want
The downside is that Eva gets to go on walks and to the park without me and I get tired just walking up the stairs.

I did agree to let Eva post about her trip to the dog park without me. But I didn't agree to when. Maybe tomorrow. She needs to learn that the world revolves around me.


Friday, May 16, 2008

Only One Dog in the House

Hi everypup, kitty and GG, only Eva here . We usually call our Friday post Few Words Friday, but since I'm the only one here today, I'm in charge, so I thought I would change it up a little. Last night Momma and Dad took Tasha with them and left me at home alone, again. They got back pretty fast, but without my loving sister. I looked and looked for her, but she wasn't anywhere to be found. Then something really weird happened. Dad took me for a walk by myself. I have never gone on a walk without Tasha. It was pretty strange, but it was still fun. Then Tasha didn't come home to go to bed. Another very strange thing. I also had to eat breakfast alone this morning. I really miss Tasha and hope that I see here very soon. It is going to be very boring around here today. But Momma and Dad said that Tasha will be home tomorrow and until then I have to be patient and be a good girl. Well, duh, I'm ALWAYS a good girl! Dad said that when he gets home from work today that we will do another first. It will be just him and me going to the dog park! It would be more fun if Tasha was there, but I'm looking forward to it anyway. Have a great weekend, furkids! Belly Rubs, Eva.

P.S. Tasha and Eva's Dad here. It is very strange with only one dog on my arm for walks, only one bowl of food to fix, and only one dog to let out and call back in. We're all missing Tasha very much and are looking forward to having her back with us tomorrow afternoon. Thank you all again so much for your show of love and concern during this time. Vicky and I are very grateful to have such a great bunch of friends! DWB ROCKS! Thanks again, Doug.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

More Tests Are Scheduled

The AO4's Mom left a comment that she liked my feety feets, so I thought I would post a picture for her. This is very much like the position I was in as a 12 week old puppy at the shelter when I melted Momma and Dad's heart! How could they not let me adopt them?!?!

I'm going on a sleep over tomorrow night and won't be home until Saturday. Remember the other day when I told you about the movie of my insides? This time they're going to make the sequel and focus on my lungs. I'll be available for pawtographs on Sunday.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Good News??? Warning: Long Post including some words that Momma doesn't really understand

Sorry, it's Momma again but the results are back. We are not out of the woods. We can't even see the edge of the forest but there is a faint path and there could potentially be a happy ending to this chapter. Basically, they are not confirming that it is definitely cancer. It's not being ruled out but we have a better chance of it being an infection.

Tasha will be going in for more extensive tests. I don't like putting her under anesthesia but it is the best way to get a good lung sample and to take a bigger sample of her liver.

Please keep those positive thoughts coming. It appears to be working. Hopefully we can soon return to our regularly scheduled blog posts where we discuss trips to the park and treats.

For anyone who may be interested in additional details I have included a condensed version of my discussion with the vet and the follow-up email.

Needle Aspiration #1 of the Liver: Is highly suggestive of Hepatocellular Carcinoma AKA Hepatoma.

  • These are generally considered benign masses. They are very unlikely to spread to other organs, but if left untreated they can continue to grow in size causing disruption of the liver or discomfort.
  • Overall, a Hepatoma would be a relatively good finding for Tasha. As such, it does not explain her lung changes.
Needle Aspiration # 2 of the spleen: Is consistent with a benign lesion called a hyperplastic nodule. This is a term to describe a reactive area of an organ resulting in inflammatory cells infiltrating. It is unsure what causes this type of structure but no signs of cancer were evident within this sample.

Now that we have the above information on the liver and spleen, it seems highly possible that Tasha's lung changes are due to some other disease entity. Several disease processes could cause that type of infiltrate pattern in the lungs and these can include a fungal disease called blastomycosis, other infections in the lung such as mycoplasma or parasites (these can occur as complicating factors from a more common infection like kennel cough), or even some other complicated bronchitis.

Recommendations based on Tasha's lungs being the primary concern right now would include some type of sampling of the lungs. This can be achieved via needle aspirate, which has risk of introducing air into the chest. Other means include
a. Transtracheal Wash (TTW): This is a procedure generally done on an awake patient. A stab incision in the skin over the trachea allows us to pass a catheter into the trachea and lungs. A small amount of sterile water is flushed in and hoping the patient cough, a sample is retrieved. This often can be unsuccessful with regards to sample size and can be very stressful for all involved.
b. Bronchoscopy with bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL): This is a similar procedure to the above, but it allows us to visualize what is occuring within the lungs and airways themselve, and allows us to obtain much larger fluid samples to search for infection/disease. This is performed under general anesthesia.
This is the most common fungal disease found in Minnesota and often present with respiratory symptoms, although any area of the body can be infected. To diagnose this disease, most veterinarians prefer to actually find the organism in a sample, whether it is an aspirate of a lymph node, fluid drainage from a wound, lung sample/aspirate. However, it can be very difficult to find on occasion. There is a blood test, a titer that can be performed, but it often is less reliable because patients may not be mounting an adequate immune response (the test looks for antibodies to the organism) or it may be too early in the disease course. There is a new test looking for Antigens, markers on the organism itself. The studies performed on the test are very promising and the test can be run on blood, urine or even fluid obtained from the lungs if we do a BAL.

Thank you again for your support during this difficult time. It means more than you could ever know.

Momma, Dad, Eva and leading lady of this drama, the ever bewootiful Tasha

Monday, May 12, 2008

A Bit of a Normal Day

Hi friends, Tasha here. First of all let me thank all of you for all the well wishes that have been sent my way. You all make me feel so special. (And momma and dad really appreciate it too.). Today Dad stayed home with Eva and me and payed us lots of attention. I was even feeling well enough to do one of my favorite things:I LOVE GRAZING!!
Then I surprised Dad big time! I wanted to play with this:I'VE GOT MY STICK!!
I didn't play with it for very long, but it was still very fun. After that I had to supervise Dad with the picking up of sticks in the back yard. We have a big willow tree and it leaves a very big mess over the winter.
Good job, Dad, but it took you long enough.

Not too long after we got done in the back yard, Eva and I had to bark at a guy in a big brown truck that walked up to our house with this box.
Aren't those cute paw prints?!?! And that puppy with a bone is just way cool! We are so honored that MayaMarie's mom picked us to be official taste testers for her home made puppy treats! Its a tough job, but some pup has to do it!!
So many choices! Let's see. We have (left to right) Three Cheese Biscuits, Pumpkin Oat Biscuits, and Blueberry Banana Biscuits. All these treats are made with natural ingredients and have no preservatives. Eva and I don't care about all that technical stuff, all we know is that all of them are VERY TASTY!!
Momma tried to get Eva to sniff each treat and then pick her favorite. That didn't work out too well. Right after Dad took this picture, she grabbed another one! I don't think she is a very selective tester.

Momma told me to sniff each one, then wait. As you can see, I did what I was told, as hard as it was. The first one I choose was the Banana Blueberry. But I did get to eat all three and they were all DELICIOUS! Big shout outs to MayaMarie's Mom for sending us such wonderful treats!

What a great day! Dad home with us all day, spending lots of time outside, and special delivery treats! What more could a pup want?
Belly Rubs, Tasha.
P.S. I finally pooed today. Dad was very happy about that and called Momma at work to tell her about it. Humans are SOOO strange.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

The anti-depressant meds are working

Wanted to paw a quick update.

Though they won't cure her issue (still not diagnosed), Tasha's pills appear to be working in regards to her appetite, breathing and general mood. When we gave her the first pills yesterday, she became more like her normal self - very observant, interested in food and she was breathing easier. OK, she was flying high and very,very focused on our every move. It is almost spooky the intensity in her eyes. The vet did warn us that the pills may result in anxiety so we may need to reduce the dosage.

We are concerned that she hasn't poo'd for two days but since she hasn't eaten much for a few days that could be expected. Dad is staying home with her tomorrow to keep an eye on her.

We can't say enough about the love and concern that everyone has expressed. It means so much to us to have someone out there that understands and doesn't think that we're crazy to be so upset about her situation. Some of our friends and family are concerned but not with the understanding that has been expressed by our DWB family.

We'll try to get around to everyone's blog to comment on your posts soon. We've met a few new friends via the recent comments and would love to get to know you. Yes, we do kind of need the distraction that would provide.

Love to all and kisses to your pups,

Happy Mother's Day!

Hello furry friends! Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful human and puppy moms out there! We (along with Dad) want to give thanks to our Momma for being such a fabulous person. She gives us all so much love and attention. We can't imagine what we would do without her! When she has to go away for work for days at a time, we miss her so much. When she comes home we get so excited!! Not only does she give us lots a lovin', but she just loves to share her treats with us. (As long as its puppy safe!)
This is a picture of us at the Renaissance Festival last September. She's sharing her kettle popcorn with us. What a great Momma!!
So for all you do for us, Momma, Happy Mother's Day!
Tasha, Eva, and Dad.
P.S. from Mom and Dad. We can't thank you all enough for the tremendous amount of love and support that has been coming our way regarding Tasha's condition. It helps out more than you can possibly know. Thank you all so very, very much. Vicky and Doug.