Thursday, October 30, 2008

Just because......

We're really spoiled with Momma home 24/7. Lots of playtime, treats and snuggles. I cleaned her ears at least 8 times today. My undercoat is coming back in time for winter. All of Eva's pictures from yesterday were blurry (Momma mumbles it that it's hard to throw our toys and take pictures at the same time) But here is one of me!


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Just a little fun

So I finally got Momma away from raking the backyard again (3 times in the past week) and demanded that she give us some computer time. Over on Ben's blog, I found some cool links.
For our Starsigns and our horoscopes

For Brice (dob 1/30/07) Aquarius

"The Aquarius dog can be weird and wacky. His tastes are not always what you might expect of a canine. His interests are as diverse and wonderful as they are offbeat and unusual.

Aquarius dogs are known to 'bite back'. Don't push them too hard, they are well aware of their limits and play is not always on the agenda.

Aquarius dog likes time alone as much as the time they spend with you. Occasionally grumpy and always studying your next move with intent to 'out-think' you. A complex but ultimately lovable character."

(Note from Momma- most is true but Brice is a velcro dog, he must always be with his people)

His horoscope for the week

"As admired as you already are, isn't it a pleasure to meet a newcomer who takes a shine to you and makes your heart beat happily! This may be someone you met briefly in the past, but now you get more of an opportunity to spend time exploring just how nicely suited you are. While humans scurry about looking for compatible partners, you've found a wonderful match. Develop this by paying as much attention to the other as you would have them pay to you!"

For Eva (dob 12/21/03) Sagittarius

"Sassy Sagittarius. The coolest canines on the block. The Sagittarian dog is well travelled, well educated classy canine.

What he lacks in downright naughtiness he makes up for in downright snobishness. Not one to mix with the riff-raff, the Sagittarian dog is quite content with his own company and the odd brush of affection from his lucky owner.

This is a dog that loves to see the world. He will happily come along on family outings and explore new territory with no trepidation or unease. The Sagittarian dog could be described as 'the it K9'. They love to be the centre of attention and live life to the max. The dog about town."

(Note from Momma - This is somewhat true of Eva, but she does not like to be the center of attention)

And her horoscope for the week

"An unusual energy could have both you and your housemate feeling a bit out of sync currently. As the week goes on you'll both ease into a calmer frame and will enjoy spending some quiet time just with each other. Though it's nice to have company and to observe humans interacting with each other, you find more to like when the environment is peaceful and serene now. The bond you're developing with your people is more fulfilling and enriching than any other."

So much to contemplate,

Princess Eva

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Just a Lazy day

Since she isn't working, Momma took over most of the daily yard clean-up. But she got tired of the challenge of the treasure hunt (aka poo patrol) when the yard is full of leaves. So today, we spent the afternoon outside helping her rake up the leaves. Apparently, constantly asking her to throw our ball and flying squirrel was not all that much help.

So to keep us busy, she brought out a pair of split raw knuckle bones. They kept us busy for hours and hours. Now our teeth are sparkly clean and white.

Brice hid with his under one of the pine trees.

I stayed in the middle of the yard where Momma could see if Brice tried to steal mine.

They were yummy!
Princess Eva

P.S. Do you like the new header?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Rainy Day

Wednesday was cold and rainy. So my day consisted mostly of napping in my chair and asking Momma to throw my Cuz...

Wonder what the forecast for today is?


P.S. Sometimes others don't want to play and you decide to chase the wrong thing. Here is an example.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dad and his princess

Dad and I went to the park alone last night. Here are a few of my favorite pictures and videos.

Video 1

Video 2

The size of our favorite dog parks has helped me "proof" my recall. This is why I am allowed off leash in safe areas like my front yard. No matter where I am, I always come running when Dad calls. Did you notice in the one video that if I'm not sure where he is, I come looking for him?

The scenery is so pretty.

What's over there??

Momma's favorite picture
Don't worry, Momma was off on the paved park trails with Brice. He thinks that he should play with everydog that he sees and Momma thought he should work on his public manners.

Princess Eva

P.S. Our friend MayaMarie and her mom's dog cookie business is now open. Please check it out here. They are so yummy and get Momma's stamp of approval. Natural ingredients, wheat free versions and no artificial colors or preservatives.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

A new trail

We had our normal morning and afternoon play sessions with Mom. (Momma here: All day is more or less one big play session. But I'm not sure what they'll do when I go back to work.) Then instead of our normal play session when Dad got home from work on Friday, we went to hike a new trail.

Dad is working the camera for us.

Most of the trees are already past the "peak color" but it was still pretty.

Momma and Dad went out for dinner so we got our dinner late. Then Brice figured out where Momma hides all of our squeaky toys so that we're not squeaking after Dad goes to bed. But Momma wasn't in mood for constant Cuz squeaking so she lured Brice up on the couch and scratched his belly for 45 minutes. Yep, 45 whole minutes. She had to stop because her fingertips were getting tingly.

Meanwhile, I was a good girl and just napped by Dad's feet. I think I need extra treats for being low maintenance.

Princess Eva

Monday, October 13, 2008

Yea!! Videos

Not sure what button she hit but Momma finally got the videos to work.

Here is the full routine of getting the mail. Yes, I answer to Princess, Princess Eva, Eve, Eva, and little girl. Sorry, Momma didn't water or mulch the flowers by the mailbox this year so they look like weeds.

Everyday, we go out and play with Dad when he gets home from work. Here are a few short videos.

Eva chasing her ball . (I don't usually catch it since I don't have the best eye to muzzle coordination)

A few of him here and here and here. He was worried that a special girl was thinking that he never catches his squirrel. As long as Momma or Dad throw it decently, he rarely misses.

We'll try to work on better videos in the future.

Princess Eva

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Action shots and PSA

Momma can't figure out the video issue so here are a few action shots that show some of what we do everyday.

Eva going out to get the mail

Brice about to launch to get his "flying squirrel"

Oops! I missed that one. But I can stop on a dime.

Eva running to get her ball before someone else gets there first.

PSA- Have you ever seen Search and Rescue (SAR) dogs on the news and wondered what their job is like? Here is Topper's story about one of his assignments.

Princess Eva and Brice

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Terv sighting

Belgian Tervuren are an uncommon breed. So you rarely see them in movies, advertisements, videos etc. But way back many moons ago, there was this little video. There are actually two Tervs in this video.

Mom took some new pictures and videos of us yesterday but needs to figure out why she can't get the videos to play.

Maybe tomorrow.
Princess Eva

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

We're back

So here's the deal.

First, our research is done and we think Brice is only part alien. Here are the facts that we have found in the past few weeks.

  • His slanty eyes
  • He doesn't like peanut butter or bananas
  • If he sees Momma get our brush out, he bugs her until she brushes him
  • He actually obeys commands 99% of the time
  • He likes to redecorate the house (he moves rugs from room to room)
  • He can string toilet paper from Momma and Dad's bathroom, through their room, across the hall, into our room onto the guest bed without tearing it. (maybe he has hidden thumbs)
  • He eats twice as much food as I do but doesn't get fat
The other reason, we took a break is due to the economy. Momma was in the mortgage business and got downsized. Even with all of her extra free time, she found that she was having motivation issues. So she banned us from the computer in order to get things done. She's been painting and and playing lots of games with us. We think the real reason that she is home 24/7 is because we've been asking her for months to devote all of her time to us. We like to snuggle with her in the morning and being able to go outside whenever we want and learning new games.

We'll post pictures soon. Most of them are on the old laptop that bit the dust this weekend so Momma has to wait for a part before she can pry them off of the hard drive. I know what you're thinking but Nope, Brice had nothing to do with the need to get a new laptop.

Princess Eva