Friday, March 30, 2007

Few Words Friday

Our Yard
Nice, don't ya think?!?!

Our Towel (one use)
Enough said

Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Eva Puppy!

Eva here! Its time for my puppy pictures that Tasha promised. Can you guess which one of the two cute, adorable puppies in the pictures below is me?

If you guessed that they are both me you're right! My coat changed quite a bit between my first day at my furever home at 8 weeks old, which is the top photo, and what I look like now. The second picture is when I was about 6 months old. Its a Belgian Tervuren thing.

Here's Tasha doing her best to put up with a very pushy puppy. Just look at those sharp little puppy teeth. Those things can go through anything! Do you give up yet, Tasha???
Just as Tasha did I have to include the obligatory snow pictures. What photo album of a Minnesota dog would be complete without puppy pictures in the snow?
This is getting a little cold on my puppy butt!

Tasha showing me snow on my first night home.

As you can see, I don't like to be too far from my big sister. She's what mom and dad call the smart one. The say that I'm not the brightest bulb in the drawer....or not the sharpest knife on the tree....or something like that. Even though we love each other we are very different puppies, but that's for a future post .

On the left, the Girl Next Door. On the right, the European Princess (or demon)

Nylabones are Awesome!!

Why do you keep flashing that light in my eyes?
Well that's it for now. There's more puppy pictures and we'll try to mix them in every now and then. Dad goes kinda nuts with the camera sometimes. Just shows that some humans just CAN NOT get enough of us dogs!! We love them too, so its a pretty good deal. Belly Rubs, Eva

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Tasha: My Story

Tasha here! Since my sister Eva and I are new to the blogging world we thought we should post some puppy pictures and a little bit about how we came to live at our furever home. Dad had to hunt up pictures of me. They were on something called "35mm film". I have no idea what that means but now my pictures are on the computer. The first family that adopted me at 8 weeks old brought me back to the Humane Society because they said they didn't have time for a smart, beautiful, energetic puppy. It turned out that was good for me! At 12 weeks old in December of 1997, my mom and dad adopted me. They had both grown up with dogs but had lived in apartments for a long time and had cats. (Don't hold that against them. Both Eva and I don't mind cats. But we don't trust them!). They had only been in their first house for less than a week when they thought they would go to the Golden Valley, Minnesota Humane Society to "JUST LOOK". Well JUST LOOK at who they brought home:

When mom & dad first saw me I has laying with my nose between my white-socked front paws with my best "GET ME OUT OF HERE" sad puppy eyes on. The picture above is pretty close to what my mom & dad saw when they looked into the kennel I was in and they fell instantly in love with me!

Here I am looking like the regal, intelligent puppy that I am. I didn't want to let dad out of my sight as you can see by the picture below. I hate being ignored!

Where ya goin' new daddy?

Is that a treat?!?!

And for all those snow-loving pups out there, here's a couple of me in your favorite element.
Eva will have her puppy pictures up soon. Stay tuned! Belly Rubs, Tasha

Monday, March 26, 2007

Yard Art

Tasha here! As some of you pups know Isabella's mom is putting together a site for arts-crafty humans. We were wondering if any other pups have artistic talent. I know that Isabella is an expert toilet paper sculpture, and Dave at the Army of 4 is a big help to his mom with her quilts, but what about all you other pups? On Sunday we had a neighborhood art project! Dad didn't have the camera so he didn't catch any of the actual artistic creativity in action. Too bad! We had three other dogs from our 'hood over in the back yard. Boo, a beautiful Wiemaraner,his cute sister Molly, a lab mix, and Yogi, a Doberman from the family behind our house. Along with Eva and I we all created a wonderful tribute to spring!

This picture is of the back corner of our yard. It has a huge willow tree that Dad loves to hate. He says it blocks the sun so its hard for the grass to grow. And a lot of water seems to collect under it. All the better for the art! Not that impressive you say? Well, to truly appreciate the work we must take a detailed and critical look at the piece, as one would do with any work of fine art. The technique above is what is called the "Slide n Stop". Notice the careful attention to ripping up as much grass as possible.
This element is a fine example of the 3-dimensional imprint. Observe that the artist needed to express his/her need to make a strong impression on Dad's lawn.
Here we have a fantastic example of artists working together to form a very impressive permanent hole that will be around for future generations of pups to admire.
And, of course, no work of art is complete until it has a signature. After the hard work of creating was done all the pups went home. All had very dirty feet. What one must suffer for their art! Cuz our feet were so dirty Dad thought if we went for a walk maybe some of his yard would wear off our feet. Creating art and a walk back-to-back? LUCKY DOGS! So how about it Blogging Dogs. Does anypup else have artistic talent? Lets see your work!! Belly Rubs, Tasha

Saturday, March 24, 2007

A Walk (Romp) in the Park

Alright!! We're at the park!
Eva here reporting on our great day. We went to our favorite dog park! Here's a shot of us in the back of our DUV (Dog Utility Vehicle). The DUV has taken us lots of fun place, but this is the best place as you will see. The picture below is of our good friend Maggie. She has come to stay at our house a few times and she is really fun to play with. Look how much fun she is having already and we had just gotten inside the gate!!

Here we are getting ready to go for a lap around the park. That's Maggie's dad on the far left of the picture. What on earth do you suppose he's doing? I think its another one of those strange fascinations that humans have with our poo. Humans, go figure.

This picture shows what a nice fence they put in to keep all us puppers safe. At this park they have a separate area for smaller dogs so they don't have to mingle with the bigger dogs. That would be good for Tadpole, Billy Boo, and Bella! Do you guys ever get to a dog park?
Here's Tasha appreciating the wide open spaces. The fence of the park is on the other side of those trees waaaaayyyyy back there.
No leash--How great is this!!!!
From the top of the hill at the park we have a nice view of a lake. You husky pups will be glad to know that despite the warm weather recently, the lake still has a layer of ice! And of course one of the best things about going to the park is all the wonderful aromas!!
And there was a big added bonus on this particular day. A HUGE mud puddle. In the picture below we had just finished running and dunking into the water. Can you see the smiles on our faces? Happy Happy Joy Joy! If you click on the picture to enlarge you'll get a better look at the smiles.
Oh, Dad, thank you for taking us here!
And then what did Tasha find? Her favorite thing of all, SNOW!! She just rolled and rolled and rolled. As you can see from our last post, our yard is bare now so Tasha was one happy girl!
Rolling in Happiness

When we were leaving the park we met this Handsome Husky. We didn't find out his name but he looks a lot like Dave from the AO4, don't you think? He doesn't have Dave's cute freckles, though.
Happy to see ya! How ya doin'?
It was a good thing Dad had a big towel in the back of the DUV. We were a couple of wet, dirty dogs! How wonderful!! Dad says there's nothing like the smell of wet dog in his (our) truck (DUV). Thanks, Dad, another job well done by the pups!! We got home and were really ready for a good long nap.Well that was our day. We hope everypup gets out with their humans as much as possible. Belly Rubs to All! Eva

Friday, March 23, 2007

Snow Thief was Here!

Last of the Snow. OH NOOOO!

Zim from the Army of Four wanted to know how much snow we have in "Minne-SNOW-ta". We are sorry to report that this is about all that's left. Three weeks ago everything and we mean EVERYTHING was covered in a beautiful blanket of 18 inches of snow. We think that after that dreaded snow thief was done at Ivy's house he came here and took all of our too! Rotten snow thief. For some reason all the humans were out and about in our neighborhood today. Why weren't they out running around when we were having that lovely snowstorm? Humans just don't know what good weather is. Here's a couple more pictures from the "Lack-of -Minne-SNOW-ta".

Our back yard. With NO SNOW. GRRRR

Our street. With-- NO SNOW. GRRRRRRR

There are still a few big piles of snow along our walking routes but not near enough. Sadly we believe that the snow season may be over. But dad says he has lived here a long time and you just never know! We've been know to get snow as late as April 15th, so there's still a chance for more. Keep your paws crossed for more snow for us. Belly Rubs to All, Tasha & Eva

Thursday, March 22, 2007


I know that we already posted today but Dad got really excited tonight after he got home from work. It was about 50 degrees so he put the battery in his motorcycle and started it up and went for a short ride. Here in Minnesota the riding season is kinda short so when he gets it going its kind of a big deal. He was as excited as we get when we know that a treat is on its way. All we know is that motorcycle makes way too much noise! Here's a picture of Dad's bike at a campground near Sturgis, South Dakota. He's gone to the big bike rally there the last 3 years. He says its a really fun time with great roads to ride, but he's never taken us with him. What's with that? We'll forgive him cause he's such a good Daddy.

We like spring too cause we get out for longer walks and more dog park time. Plus we get all wet and muddy. And because we get all wet and muddy that means getting rubbed down with a towel when we come in from outside. What's better than getting soggy and dirty AND getting a good message because of it?!?! Plus we don't have to do anything we don't normally do. Humans are weird. They could skip the rub down so we could take all those great outside smells inside. But then again you have to weigh the short term great feeling of the rub down or the everlasting smell of the great outdoors indoors. We think that either way the pups win again!

My Big Sister

Its hard work training puppies. Time to nap.
Hello pups Eva yappin' at ya today. Let me tell you about the best big sister a doggers could have. Tasha is very smart and she has taught me a lot about how to handle the mom and dad and lots of other stuff too. Mom likes to call me Tasha's puppy because when I first came to live here Tasha treated me like she was my doggy momma. She taught me to bark at the door bell if it was the real thing or only on the moving picture box. She showed me that we must bark at and, whenever possible, chase squirrels and rabbits. She taught me how to fetch the stick as you can see here. I was about 4 months old in this picture.

Good job Eva now you've got it!!

Tasha is very tolerant of me. I love to chew and bite on Tasha's neck. Dad calls Tasha his Crunchy Ruff Girl after all my drool dries on her neck! I do make her crunchy but she doesn't mind at all. Its not all training all the time though. In the picture below we're having a bit of fun time! At the time of this picture I was a pup of about 10 weeks.

I've got you now Tasha!

Well time to go back to guarding our territory while mom and dad are at work. As soon as we can learn how to post links to our new dog friends we will so if you would like us to link to your blog just let us know in the comments section and we'll put you up. Have a great day everypup and do some rasslin' with your humans or fur siblings!! Yap at ya later. Eva

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Dogs with Blogs!

Did you here the news?

Tasha here. Have I got some great news! Eva and I are in the Dogs With Blogs website!! We can't wait to say Hi to all those cool pups out there in blog land. We've been reading about Indy, Meeshka, Isabella, Army of Four, Dusty Doodles and many other sites for a while now and we thought we might be able to contribute to the training of the human race. We all I know that there is much work to be done. Belly rubs all around!! Tasha

Monday, March 19, 2007

Where'd My Snow Go?



Eva here! My sister Tasha just loves snow. About two weeks ago we had 18 inches of snow Now this is all that's left! Tasha is not happy, but she's making the most of what is left. I like the snow, too, but not like my big sister. I like when Dad throws the tennis ball for me in the deep snow. Dad says I look like a deer as I bound up and down in the snow looking for that glorious tennis ball! Make your humans play ball with you today pups!!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

New Friend

Tasha let's go for a walk!
Oh, my dog, look at that wonderful mud!

This is Tasha checking in today. Eva and I will try to take turns posting. This pretty girl is Darby our new friend. She she is part Belgian Turvuren like Eva. Darby's mom isn't sure what else she is, but she thinks it might be German Shepard Dog. Isn't that just lovely, long black fur! As you can see from Eva and I that Mom and Dad love long-furred puppies. We had a great time at the park. This is one of the first dog parks in our area. Now we don't go to this one very much because is pretty small and pretty flat. Our favorite park has hills and lots of trees which offer many great sniffing opportunities and lots of different pups to play with. We'll post some pictures from that park in later posts. For now here are some from our day yesterday. That's all for now.
Belly Rubs to All, Tasha.