Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Momma was tired of our fur showing on the boring foyer rug. So she got us one that matches our personalities and our fur.She tried to find a cheetah print that would match Eva's crate pad but had to go with tiger stripes.

Woof ya later!
Brice the Big Game Hunter

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Since not everypup can use our PSA from our earlier post, we found the following video for how to do pet CPR.

Since our mom could panic in this situation, she practiced finding our pulse today.

Woof ya later!
Princess Eva

Lazy Rainy Days and a PSA

We've had a few gray & rainy days so we have not had any adventures in the past few days. Momma got tired of rescuing the sofa pillows from me so she put them away. That made me so sad because I love to shake them! Meany Momma told me to settle down and take a nap. Thankfully, I'm big enough to use the arm of the sofa as a pillow! But the sun is shining today so I'm nipping at Momma's heels to take us to the park to run off some pent up energy.

In the current economy, we wanted to share with you several ways to save money on some of your medical needs. We do like to shop local and support our vet, but there are times that getting medications at our vet cuts into our treat and toy budget. Were you aware that many of your dog and cat prescriptions can be filled at a regular pharmacy for less? There are online options too but they would include a shipping cost. Plus the convenience of having the prescription filled while your parents do their other shopping.

Publix will fill your prescription for some antibiotics for free!

Walgreens includes pet prescriptions in their Prescription Savings Club. There is a fee for this program but this includes 400 generics priced at $12 for a 90 day supply. Plus many Walgreens are open 24/7

Walmart also has a list of generics priced at $10 for a 90 day supply. This may be a good option for those of you on Prednisone.

These are just some of the options. So have your parents check with pharmacies in your area...... and suggest that they spend some of their savings on a new toy for you!

Woof ya later!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Our weekend

Those of you who were in on the secret were correct. The picture from Friday's post was 3yr old Belgian Malinois named Dodi. A Belgian Malinois is just like us but with shorter fur. Of course we must give a tip of the hat to Khyra for hosting Dodi at her home for a few hours and for letting her mom be part of the wonderful transport team that got her from Maryland to her foster home in Wisconsin.

Note from Momma - If you know someone that could provide an active foster home for a Belgian in need or would like to adopt one of these amazing dogs, please contact ABMC Belgian Malinois Rescue via their website.


Our Momma was suppose to be doing a transport of her own on Saturday but her portion was cancelled so she took us to the park instead.

Nothing like a good game of zoomies to burn some energy

then Eva thought it was time for some snoofing

Brice gave us a heads-up that there was something interesting at the gate

This pup came to the park. Her people said that she was an Akita/German Shepherd mix.
We think she may have been an Akita with a Terv coat.

Today, we did a family walk in our own neighborhood.

Princess Eva always walks with Dad

And Brice always has Momma at the end of his leash

Our neighborhood has wooded trails that run between some of the streets

Sometimes we see other pups but today, it was our neighbors Bob and Jane.

There is a rumor that now that the weather is starting to cool and the leaves are beginning to change colors, it may be time for a bath before it gets too chilly. We're going to try to distract the humans so that it doesn't happen this week.

Woof ya later!
Princess Eva & Brice

Friday, September 18, 2009

I wonder......

Who this very special little girl is?

Monday, September 14, 2009

A new experience

As we've shared before, Momma and Dad try to make sure that we're exposed to lots of different environments and experiences. This weekend, we went to the Renaissance Fair. There were lots of other dogs there because it was PetFest weekend but we didn't see any other Belgians. We were on our best behavior because Momma says that we have to be good ambassadors for the breed.-no barking, pulling or stealing food.

Look at all the people in funny costumes

Watching various musicians, magicians and other silly humans

Brice meeting a big white fluffy

Waiting nicely with Momma

Come closer! I want to snoof you
(you can expand this pic and see the tip of Brice's snooter stretching towards his new friend)

Thank you

If I could just reach it's head!
Brice was giving the sheep and goats play bows and tried to whap one on the head

Momma says that I'm suppose to herd you and not try to play with you

Brice posing

These puppies look familiar

Eva snoofin' another pup

Look at those really big puppies!
(The white spot on Brice's neck is a tag attached to his collar that all dogs had to wear)

Brice wanted to get closer but didn't want to scare the elephants and camels.

This pup really wanted to meet Brice

We went right when it opened and stayed for less than 2 hours. It was getting warm and crowded so Dad suggested that we head home for a well-deserved nap.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Brice's New Toy

Fat Cat/rope/ball

A little game of tug to peak my interest!
Eva was just waiting to nip my rear when I wasn't paying attention.

Taunting me to get me to jump higher

Gathering power!
If I didn't have so much fur, you'd see my muscles start to quiver

Got it!!!!


Later Gators!!

FYI- Canine Cancer Podcast

The American Kennel Club and the AKC Canine Health Foundation are pleased to debut the next podcast in the Genome Barks series.

The Genome Barks podcast series features lectures from the highly successful AKC-CHF Breeders Symposia and provides responsible breeders and pet owners an inside look at the work being done by the AKC and the AKC Canine Health Foundation.

American Kennel Club and AKC Canine Health Foundation Release Podcast about Canine Cancer Treatments [Thursday, September 10, 2009]

Genome Barks welcomes Dr. Jaime Modiano, a member of the faculty of the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Minnesota. Dr. Modiano has spent the last 15 years of his career looking at the mechanisms that are responsible for the origin and progression of canine cancer. Dr. Modiano's current research focuses on better cancer therapies, singling out the canine immune system as a treatment for cancers that are in the process of spreading to various regions of the body.

New podcasts are released every two weeks and can be accessed from either the American Kennel Club website at or the AKC Canine Health Foundation website at - click on "Podcasts." They are also available on Apple's iTunes® or directly at

Click here to listen to the podcasts.

We haven't listened to it yet but it is on our "to do" list especially since we lost our Tasha and Tia to cancer.

Woof ya later!
Princess Eva

p.s. the podcasts can be sorta boring but occasionally there is something interesting.
p.s.s. we'll be back later this morning with something more fun

Sunday, September 6, 2009

How Brice keeps cool

Last summer we shared the pics and video of Brice and the sprinkler. Today we're going to share what Momma tries to avoid every time that she puts water in our pool.

Brice likes to bite at the water both near

and farther away

Don't believe me? Watch this.

And where am I while he is being easily amused? Sitting far, far away.

Woof ya later!
Princess Eva

p.s. We are careful that he doesn't get too much water since that can be dangerous

Saturday, September 5, 2009

No success at a better pic!

We went back to Staring Lake to try to get a better picture of Brice jumping over his favorite log. Either we need a better faster camera or Brice needs to run and jump slower.

Just amblin' along the paths

Brice looking at the log.
You can kind of see that this is a pretty steep hill.

Brice approaching for the jump!

This was the only decent shot from this direction

But we had a few shots like this one but Momma doesn't let him do the downhill jump a lot.
She worries about the impact to his joints.

We know that we won't get him to run and jump slower so we may borrow a better camera in order to show his great form.

Woof ya later,
Princess Eva

Wednesday, September 2, 2009