Sunday, September 30, 2007

Doggie Palooza Outing

Hey pups and GG, Eva here. Well, the weather cooperated for us and we went to Doggie Palooza! It didn't look good when we got dad up at the usual time of 4:00 a.m., but we went anyway and didn't get rained on.

I know something is up! Where're we going?
Somehow Tasha knew that we were going somewhere. Neither mom or dad said anything that would have gotten her excited, so I don't know how she knew. And because Tasha got all excited, I did too!
AAAHH, new smells!
We just love going new places. Tasha wasted no time at all checking out the area.
Here's the entrance to the wonderful event. Even on the way in we saw all kinds of different pups! SOOO MUCH excitement!
One of the first things we saw was this booth for Adopt a Husky, Inc. of Minnesota. They had all kinds of really cool husky stuffies and other neat husky stuff.
Hello, Huskies!
Then of course we got to say "HI" to the huskies. They were all very friendly and wanted to play. We could have stayed there all day! But there was all sorts of other things to see and sniff, so we moved on.
Hey, that's my butt!
Look at this big, handsome Great Dane! He was very friendly, but he made me a little uneasy. I didn't get any Rescue Remedy before we went in. Mom and dad wanted to see how I would do with out it on this outing. I did very well! I keep telling them that they have to take us on more adventures like this so I can get better about being in crowds. Outings like this are getting easier and easier for me.
Sorry that this picture is blurry, but dad isn't the greatest photographer in the world. Aren't they beautiful greyhounds? Mom and dad really liked their brindle color.
Next up was to say "HI" to these pit bull puppies! What a bunch of cuties! Tasha really wanted to play with them, but the humans said that we couldn't. They sure are pup party poopers!
Very fashionable!
Then we did some shopping. Look at all these cool collars. We thought we needed like four or five for each of us, but again we were vetoed by those kill-joy humans.
Isn't that one beautiful Samoyed! This was the booth for Samoyed Association of Minneapolis and St. Paul. You can't see him in this picture, but there was another Sammy on the ground that that human with the backpack is petting. We thought of Kona and Monty, Holly's brothers, when we saw these guys.
Lure Coursing
We got to watch pups that were lure coursing! What they do is they tie a white rag to a string that is run in a circle on rollers and the string is moved with a motor. The pups then go chasing after it! We wanted to try it, but there was a REALLY long line of humans and pups waiting. All sorts of dogs got to try it while we were there. We saw a Boston Terrier, a Corgy, a German Shepard, and a couple of Golden Retrievers chase the rag. Dog, did that look like fun!
We walked around and greeted all kinds of other pups, got some really good treats, and just enjoyed the atmosphere for a little while longer. Just as we were leaving it started to rain a little bit. What perfect timing! We wanted to stay longer, but little did we know, we were going to stop at one of our favorite places!
Oh, Dog! Chuck & Don's!
That's right, its Chuck and Don's Pet Food Outlet! Now this place smells VERY good. Kibble, treats, and toys! Everything that makes a pup bounce with joy!
What should we investigate next, Tasha?
So many things to check out, so little time. (No thanks to the humans.) Dad said something about that we already have too many toys (HOW is that POSSIBLE?!?!), so all we got was a bag of our favorite kibble and something called Solid Gold Seameal. Its a mineral and vitamin supplement that has a main ingredient of dried seaweed meal. What the heck is that? We're not fish. Its supposed to be good for us. All I know is that it wasn't a treat. What a bummer.

Now this is what we should be buying, mom.
Even though we didn't get any new treats it was still fun to go to Chuck & Don's. Then on the way home we stopped at Wendy's so the humans could get some lunch. That means that we can get french fries! We only got two each, but they sure were good!
We sure had a great day! We might go on another outing in a couple of weeks. There's something called Dogtoberfest on October 13 where we can get doggy beer and brats! Now that sounds delicious! I always try to steal a taste of dad's beer if it ever comes into my licking range! He's pretty fast getting it out of range, though. One day I'll get some!
Hope all you pups have had a great weekend! Belly Rubs, Eva.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Few Words Friday

What part of "Quiet!" don't you understand?

Hi everypup and GG, happy Friday! Dad was sent this picture by a friend of his at work who has been adopted by three pups. He thought we would enjoy it and we do. We thought of all our husky friends when we saw it and just had to post it, and what better time than Few Words Friday!

We are holding out hope that the stupid human weather people are wrong about the weather for Doggie Palooza tomorrow. We are going in the morning and are hoping that the rain holds out for a little while. Have a great weekend! Belly Rubs, Tasha & Eva.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Weather Forecast...or "how to ruin your weekend"

Good evening pups, GG and a special Hello to our darling Pippa,
So we clawed the Momma into making the round of your blogs tonight but blogger is acting up and she can't read the comments or leave any. Sometimes we forget to tell her which ones we had Dad leave comments on so we'll have to wait and claw at her tomorrow.
So we had her check the weather forecast for this weekend since we get to go to Doggie Palooza on Saturday.

It doesn't look good. Keep your paws crossed for us!!!!

Belly Rubs,


Saturday, September 22, 2007

Randi and Vehicles

Hi Puppers and GG, Eva here today. We know we said we would post this weekend, but the home improvement schedule seems to have interfered with that plan. Wasn't our fault! Stupid humans and their projects. Oh, well, we might have them trained properly one day.

We have to send out a BIG THANK YOU to our pal Randi for awarding us the I Love Your Blog logo!
We really love your blog, too, Randi!! We have such a great bunch of pups here on Dogs With Blogs. We have so many fantastic pup friends! Sometimes its hard to keep up with all the adventures that are going on. Here's great picture of Randi, the LabroNef. Isn't she the cutest?

We were also tagged by Holly and Bama to tell what kind of vehicle we would be and why. Since I'm doing this post, I'll go first. Since dad likes motorcycles we thought we would go that route.

I would be a Husqvarna dirt bike. It's European like my ancestors and it is quick, agile and it can take off really fast. Just like I do when I'm chasing my bald ball!
Tasha would be a Harley-Davidson Road Glide. She is big, not as fast as me and she is very comfortable!
There was also some good news and some bad news over the weekend. Let's get the bad news out of the way first. Both Tasha and I had to have a bath (NOOOOO!!) on Sunday. The torture never seems to end around here. When we get a bath, that also means that we have to be brushed both before AND after the bath. Like I said, the torture never ends! Now for the good news. Next Saturday we get to go to Doggie Palooza! We just can't wait. Since I did so good at the Renaissance Festival, we get to go on another crowded outing. Outings always mean exercise and treats! Have a great week everypup! Belly Rubs, Eva.
PS: Randi's photo is from her blog at and is used with her permission.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Few Words Friday

We just LOOOOVE Frosty Paws!
What a Wonderful Treat!!

Come on tongue, do your stuff!

The last little bit is the hardest to get.
We think we should get Frosty Paws several times a day. No such luck around here, though. We have a tag game or two to get to and we will get to those this weekend even if we have to claw the humans several times to get it done. Hope all you pups and GG have a great weekend! Belly Rubs , Tasha & Eva.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Pup Friends

Hello puppers and GG, Tasha reporting today. As you can see by the picture below, it was a rainy day today. I don't like getting wet unless it is my choice. My pool is the greatest, but if its a sprinkler or its raining, I don't like it one bit. Rain means no walk or dog park, doesn't it dad?
Since we haven't been posting much lately I thought we would share some photos of a trip we took to the Staring Lake dog park.
Evil Eva
Doesn't Eva look menacing in that picture? Dad says her eyes are glowing because of the flash from the camera, but I'm not so sure.
Here I am testing one of the others pup's water. Dad always brings water for us, but I like to try everypup else's water, too! The pup on the right is Kody. He was really fun to play with. The pup in the lower left is Scrappy. That's a really good name for him, let me tell you. He was running all over the place and chasing a tennis ball.
All Kinds of Pups!
It was a very busy day at the park. Just the way Eva and I like it!
Look whats happened to our park. They have cut it about in half! BOOOOO! There are some buildings going up not to far away from the park and dad says that they have to dig up a stuff for water drainage. All I know is the lap around the park is way shorter than it used to be. When they get all the work done, the park will be back to its original size. We can' wait for that. Dad also said that there is a chance that they may put in access for us pups to the creek that runs by the park! I would really love that!
We did our lap and when we got back, there were no more dogs at the park. What the? Oh well, there will be more days with our friends here. Besides, it was time for dinner! Have a great day everybody! Belly Rubs, Tasha.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Few Words Friday

We know that sound! Momma is home!!
We're sorry again for not being in the blogosphere much lately. The end of the summer makes the humans crazy. They are trying to get all the projects done that they have been putting off for 3 or 4 months. Lazy humans. We promise we will go see all our friends blogs very soon. Have a great weekend everypup! Belly Rubs, Tasha & Eva.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Trip to the Renaissance Festival

Hi everypup and Girl Girl, Eva here. What an adventure that Tasha and I got to go on yesterday! We went to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. My humans were a little concerned that all the people and noises would be too much for me cuz I am a little excitable. Momma gave me some Rescue Remedy before we went in so I did really good. Momma and dad were really proud of me and I had a very good time!

Posing with Momma by one of the many cool buildings.
It was Pet Weekend at the Festival this weekend so there were lots of people there with their pups. We got to visit a whole bunch of dogs. What fun! We met a lady that had a male Turvuren, but he didn't get to come. Oh, well, maybe next year we will see him.
One of the best things about the day was the petting zoo. I think it was more for the little humans, but Tasha and I enjoyed it VERY much.
What a bunch of good smell, don't you think Eva?
All the smells of the different animals there was really something. We had never experienced that before. I got to meet the object of my breed's working heritage.
I wanted to herd them! Momma and dad wouldn't let me, though. We found out that there was already somepups there to do that!
Tasha saying "Hi" to the Border Collies
There were 3 Border Collies at the petting zoo. They were giving herding demonstration to the crowds. We didn't stay long enough to see them work. That would have been fun to see.
Camels, elephants, and Llamas. Oh My!
There were all kinds of things to investigate. There was a place to get a ride on a camel, an elephant, or a llama! We wanted to ride the elephant, but it turns out that only humans were allowed to ride. Discrimination!
Scottish Highland Cow.
This guy had really long fur like us! He wasn't very interested in coming over to meet us. Maybe he was just tired.
Look at this big guy! Its a huge rocking horse. We wanted to try this out, too, but again, for humans only. What a bummer! The humans made up for it, though. We got to share some of the food they bought!
Helping Momma with her kettle corn.
Not only did we get kettle corn, but we got to help the humans with a roasted turkey leg! Good, good eatin'! After all that walking, sniffing, meeting and greeting, we came home and spent most of the rest of the day napping. This was the first time that Tasha and I had been to a big gathering of humans. We enjoyed it very much and since I did so well with the situation momma and dad are planning to take us to many more fun outings! I just can't wait! Belly Rubs, Eva.
P.S. Dad is excited about the Minnesota Vikings starting their season today. He wants to say "Go Vikes!"

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Few Words Friday

Hey pups and Girl Girl, Tasha here. The humans have been totally lazy and busy the last few weeks. Sorry we haven't been posting more and commenting on all our friends blogs lately. Humans can be so difficult to control sometimes. Eva and I have gotten to the park and been on a few walks, but that's been the extent of the excitement around here. Other than all the messes the humans have been making in the house. Momma scraping stuff from the ceiling and dad drilling holes in the house! I have no idea what he's trying to do, but I hope he's done soon! Stupid Blogger won't upload any pictures for me right now so this has turned into a no picture Not-S0-Few-Words-Friday. Hopefully this weekend we can claw the humans into helping us do a REAL post for a change. Everypup have a great weekend! Belly Rubs, Tasha.

Monday, September 3, 2007

We're still here

Sorry we haven't been around lately. Momma is having an issue with the power supply on her laptop again.(just fixed it a few months ago) and Dad has been busy/lazy.

Even today, they're not paying much attention to us. Momma is scraping ceilings (hates popcorn ceilings and it never ends) and Dad is running more cable through the house. I think Zimmie's friend Adrill is coming to visit.

We might get to go to the park later....... depends on how many bad words Dad says today.

Sad puppy dog eyes and a lonely howl,