Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Here we are at the Starring Lake dog park. This was a while ago as you can probably tell by the small patches of snow still on the ground. Now everything there is green! With lots more pups to play with. Next time we go we'll be sure to remind dad to bring the camera. We went today, but of course he forgot again!! Can you believe that dad called us and we came? We are usually pretty good at staying close to him at the parks. Hope everypup is having a good week!! Belly Rubs, Eva


Tadpole said...

I'm so impressed that you obey your dad! My sister and I never do. It's more fun to hear her yelling and have everyone stare at her. Then she gets embarrassed. :-)

Sunnie said...

You are the cutest little gals! We'll have to "do the park" real soon, Babes.

Luv - Beau

Mollie just rolls her eyes and says "Hey Neighbor!"