Monday, May 7, 2007

Attack on the Squirrel Fortress

Hi pups, Tasha here. We decided to take the initiative in our new roles as Troopers in in the AO4 to see if we might have command potential. We decided to order dad to attack the squirrel fortress in the willow that's in our back yard. (We don't think he's Trooper material, but we decided to give him a try.) We had really high winds on Friday and Saturday and a bunch of branches came down. We figured that the squirrels would be stunned and an attack might be successful.

This was dad's objective, should he decide to accept it.
Here is Eva and I setting up headquarters in the rear area. Can't be too careful in case some of the fortress comes down on us. We thought dad was trying to be a squirrel. He climbed about 25 feet up the tree to pull down a whole bunch of dead branches that those evil squirrels run on and tease us from.
This is the first wave of our attack before dad did his squirrel imitation. Rather successful, don't you think? The picture below is after dad climbed the tree. What a messy human.
Good attack, dad, but you sure made a mess!!
After it was safe to enter the attack zone, I did an inspection.
This was the scene after the second assault. It was messy but successful!
You missed some.
Dad needs better attention to detail as you can see by the photo above.
Here's the final result of the attack on the squirrel fortress. Not bad for a human attack. Can you see me way in the back? (Click on any of these pictures to enlarge them.) I couldn't leave a non-Trooper on his own on his first mission. Mom even pitched in on this attack. She trimmed some of the little branches and made piles for dad to bundle up. She will be able to assist us on future Trooper assignments!

Just when we thought the excitement for the day was over, I caught sight of something unusual.

There was a mallard duck couple in our neighbor's back yard! Eva and I told them that they were not welcome in our territory!! You pups should have heard the barking! And then our good friend Jeff came over to see what was going on.

Hi Jeff!! I'm REEAAALL glad to see you!!
I'm always happy to see Jeff, as you can tell by my tail being a blur in this picture. He brought dad an adult beverage to celebrate the successful attack on the squirrel fortress. He's a great friend to us and especially dad! They ride motorcycles together. (But never take us with). We think we had a pretty good first AO4 Trooper mission and look forward to many more to come. Belly Rubs, Tasha.
P.S. No squirrels were hurt or even seen during this exercise. We were targeting infrastructure only!


Holly said...

Did you get any squirrells??? I got one, but the human woman took it away. She was NOT happy, and I tried to explain that I didn't kill it, but she was still upset that it was dead. Then, she took it away, and I never saw it again. Next time, I won't be so nice as to SHOW her my presents!


Wimsey said...

Perhaps you should tell your dad and Jeff to get sidecars and then you ladies can ride with them!


The Army of Four said...

EXCELLENT work, you two! Stormy said to tell you it was GREAT going after the infrastructure and she salutes you not actually harming any squirrels. (She's kinda funny like that...)
Way to go!
Play bows,
Drill SGT Zim

PiratesGrrl said...

You two do some excellent work!!
Good job!

The Brat Pack

Ivy said...

wowie! you dogs are taking on your trooper role so well. i bet those skwerrels are running skared. good job getting your dad in on the action too. peepol need to feel like they are important sumtimes you know.