Sunday, April 29, 2007

A Whaaattt?

You didn't say what I thought you said, did you?
Hey puppers, Tasha here. We heard the most awful word in the world today. That's right, it was BATH DAY. The Horror!! We were told that we smelled like dogs. Well, duhhhh. Fur, four legs, wagging tails, incredible cuteness, and undying loyalty to our humans. What else could we be?
NNNOOOO!! Not a bath!
We both knew something was up when all the dog towels came out of the linen closet. Eva hid in her kennel and I tried to look small and inconspicuous, but neither strategy worked. Eva was the first to experience the torture.
What did I do to deserve this?
Dad had to pull her out of her kennel, herd her into mom & dad's room and then into the bathroom. She doesn't even go near that bathroom normally because it has a tile floor and she just HATES tile floors. OK, doesn't hate them, she's afraid of them for some reason. We don't even have a fighting chance of escape because we get our baths in the shower. Trapped in the humans' shower with mom, oatmeal shampoo and conditioner and running water. Truly cruel and incanine treatment.


Next was my turn. It gets so hot in that darn shower. With all our fur, then being wet and mad makes a pup very warm. We just couldn't wait to get out of that awful torture chamber.I'm FRRREEEEE!! But drippin'!

Of course the first thing any self-respecting pup does after a bath is go find something stinky to roll in. Dog, I stink so BAD now. Must roll!

And roll some more....and bite Eva!

Wet Wrestlin'

Then we had to wrestle and run around the yard to try to get some of that nasty smell off of us. Eva dries out pretty fast but not me. For some reason I'm like a sponge when it comes to water, but you can't ring me out! Dad took us for a nice long walk to help me dry out. For some reason he didn't take us to the park with the huge water holes. Can't figure out why. Well, at least its over now, but I'm sure the next bath will come much too soon for our taste. Hope all you pups had a great weekend and didn't have to have a bath like we did! Belly Rubs, Tasha.


Bella said...

OmDog - bath day at your place too much !!!
I don't get to roll in smelly(good) stuff to get my doggie smell back very easily so run around the house & rub all over all I can find - mama loves it 'not'

Tadpole said...

Oh I can't bear to look at the photos of you guys in the torture chamber. They belong on a poster for animal cruelty.

Holly said...

Bath's suck don't they? Only good revenge is a good roll in the grass and dirt! Not sure what the point of the bath is when those stupid humans KNOW we are going to roll as soon as we get the chance!


Peanut said...

Oh I hate baths but my mom gets in the shower with me to and that part is cool

e said...

hahaha Tasha you look like the bath was quite tolerable!

Fei doesn't mind baths. I get in with her and we have a lot of fun!

Fei and E

Kay said...

What a nice way to get bath and then roll on

Ivy said...

oh you poor dogs! i am so sorry you had to suffer thru another horrible bath torcher session. i think baths for dogs shud be against the law!