Thursday, May 3, 2007

Growing Things

Hey puppers, Eva reporting today. I thought we would give you an update on how things are growing here in Minnesota. Its been pretty nice here (if you're a human) with temps in the 60's during the day. Dad even had to do the first mowing of the season today. Well at least in the front yard. Tasha and I have taken over the back yard so the grass back there is still very short. This first picture is of some Asiatic lilies that are growing in the front of the house.

They look pretty good from here, but a closer look reveals what BUNNIES can do.

Look at what stupid rodents can do to beautiful flowering plants. There's lots of bunnies around here but they don't come in our backyard much any more! There has been more than one occasion when dad has had to pick up a somewhat less than live bunny that has wondered into our back yard. This is a one of the two Diablo 9-bark bushes that are in the front of our house. If you remember from our last post about the 9-bark, it had just a few green leaves on it. Well look at it now.

The leaves are starting to turn to the reddish-green that they have all summer long.

This next picture is of the back yard shade garden that the humans have been trying to get going for about 4 years now. This big maple tree along with the willow tree (dad's favorite(not) tree) and the pine trees cause this part of the yard to be in almost constant shade. The humans think they got smart this year and planted mostly blue and green hostas back there. In a few weeks we'll let you know how well this plan is working. The humans planted about 60 different plants around our house last Sunday. We've already trampled one of the new plants!

Just to be sure this is still a blog about Tasha and I, here we are waiting for a treat from mom. She brought us home some new treats that were REALLY good. I was told to "Sit Pretty!" Didn't I do a good job? Tell Tasha to "Sit Pretty" and she jumps up on you. She's much more food motivated than I am. These were really good treats! Belly Rubs, Eva.

P.S. We would like to thank Storm and the rest of the ARMY of 4 for accepting us as Troopers! We're looking forward to serving in any way possible!


Ivy said...

wowie eva! you are such a pretty sitter. i totally cant do that trick myself. i am most impressed.

oh my randy wuz playing hide-dog-seek again for a cupple of days and wen he finally gave up and came home (i won) he said he wuz visiting plymouth near ware you live! i asked if he brot you cookies but he said no. silly peepol dont haf theyr priorities straight.

Peanut said...

You sit very very pretty