Wednesday, May 2, 2007

A Couple of Videos

Hey pups, Eva here. I'm going to try to post videos again. I've found with Photo Bucket that if you save your post as a draft instead of publishing it, the video link goes away. Anypup know what's up with that? And why does it create a new post when you do two videos on the same day? This video is kinda boring but it was right after our baths on Sunday. You can really tell that Tasha is still all wet and I'm nearly dry already! We are very different pups. We'll tell you more about our differences real soon when we have more time. What with us guarding the house while the humans are working and then having to go to the dog park when dad gets home and dinner right after the park, who has time to paw a long blog? Its supposed to rain this weekend so maybe then. For now enjoy our little videos!


The Army of Four said...

Hi girls! I loved your videos! They were great! You both look so fun and like I'd love to run and play with you!
Sorry to hear about the b-a-t-h!

Isabella said...

Emmy and I got baths yesterday. I love baths! You two looked like you were having a great time on the video. We go nuts after our baths and love to play like that. I just feel so good and full of energy after a bath.
Big Wags,

Tadpole said...

You gals were having FUN! *sigh* I wish my sister would play with me like that....