Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Our Collars

Hey pups, Eva reporting today. Sorry we haven't posted or commented too much lately, but dad has been involved in some sort of special project at work. He leaves earlier and gets home later than usual which puts a real crimp in our normal schedule. Earlier breakfasts and later dinners with hardly a walk or a trip to the dog park the last two weeks. We feel soooo neglected!

You're leaving us for a long time again, aren't you? You don't mind if we ignore you, do you?

A week ago the Army of 4 asked what kind of collars all us pups wore. We finally clawed dad enough to get him to do a post about our collars. As you can see both Tasha and I have very long fur. Here's a picture of me. You can't even tell that I have a collar on, can you? Collar, collar, where's the collar?

Well, believe me, it's there. You can see Tasha's a little better. Aren't I gorgeous?

Since we do have such long fur, a flat collar tends to mat the fur underneath the collar really bad. As if it's not a big enough chore to brush us already! So mom bought us round leather collars. We don't have any special tags on our collars like a lot of you lucky pups do. Just our dog license (does that mean we can drive a car, Zimmy?!?!) and our rabies vaccination tag. Below is a better shot of my collar.Hopefully we'll get more time with dad here soon and we can post pictures of what our two favorite dog parks look like now with leaves on the trees and green grass. We did get to go for a few dips in our pool, though!! Dad and mom tried to get a good video of us playing in it, but they said something about us not taking direction very well. So until (if ever) we cooperate, here's an aerial view of us playing in the pool. SOOO Much Fun!!

We love our pool and making mom and dad dry us off after we're done! Having fun AND making the humans work because of it! Doesn't get much better than that!! Belly Rubs, Eva.


Girl Girl Hamster said...

Hello Eva, your pool is so cool. And your collars are really nice too. I can't find a collar my size. :(

~ Girl girl

Tadpole said...

My cousin has a collar like yours! It's very under-stated and elegant. :-)

Hope your dad stops working so much soon!

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Woo Eva (and Tasha)... I love your collars. They are very pretty. I have never seen a round one before! I especially love the pool picture. I love playing in my pool!!!

hana said...

Hey, I got a rolled leather collar too!!!