Thursday, April 5, 2007

Our Other Favorite Park

Hey puppers, Tasha here. Since Eva got to report on our other favorite dog park, its my turn to tell you about this favorite park. I think anywhere you can be off-leash and be safe is a special place. We go to this park very often when there's no snow. At this park, us dogs have generously allowed the human race to use it in the winter for cross country skiing. I know, we pups are way to generous. On this day there weren't any other pups here, but when it gets warmer, there can be A LOT of wonderful dogs to play with! One day dad said he counted 25 dogs playing in the open area! That's not counting the pups walking the trails. We can walk the ski trails or follow the fence around the park.
Here's the entrance to the park. The big gate is still open for the skiers. What they're going to ski on I have no idea. Humans. When there IS snow humans can ski down this hill from the parking lot and get right on the trail. This park is right by a lake that has woods around it with lots of ski trails. There's a paved trail all the way around the lake that we have walked parts of before. Its too big a lake for us to walk all the way around. (OK, its to much for the humans!!)
Here's two more pictures of parts of the cross country ski trail through OUR park.

See any skiers to chase, Tasha?
There is a nice little wooded valley in this park. In the picture below Eva is showing the way off the ski trail and into the little valley.
It's this way, right?
Its so fun going up and down the steep hills! Sometimes dad tries to hide from us in the trees in this valley, but it only takes Eva and I a moment to notice that he isn't there with us and we have to go back and find him. We wouldn't want him to get lost in the woods and not be able to feed us our dinner, which we so desperately need after an outing to the dog park!
High-Tailin' it down the hill!
At the far end of the valley is a spot that many of us pups love. Its sand at in the bottom of the valley! We're not big diggers (sorry to all our husky buddies!!) but we've seen some pups who really go to town down in that stuff!

Hey, Tasha, that sand looks pretty fun!

Oh, Yea, Eva, let's GO!

Was that a SQUIRREL?!?!

And here we are at the top of the hill keeping an eye on the park. Dog parks are one of the best things the humans have ever come up with. Going to the park with Eva (and dad) is my favorite thing to do! (Next to eating). Hope all you pups get out for some exercise!! Belly Rubs to All, Tasha.


Bella said...

Wow that park looks fabulous - how excellent & enjoy & have a wonderful easter holiday break with your hoomans

Paw Power & Wuff

Shmoo said...

Tasha and Eva,

Sorry for not responding sooner, I've been very busy being fluffy.

To answer your question, any dog that demonstrates the HULA criteria are qualified to become members of the HULA Hoop. Simply submit your qualifications to me along with pictures as evidence, and if your are worthy, you will receive a HULA certificate (suitable for framing or eating):
1. Demonstrating Disruptive Behavior
2. Cause Humans to freak out for no real reason
3. Destroy Something
4. Human behavior modification:
5. Humans dress you up
6. Love of Kleenex

Meeshka (Queen of the universe)

Peanut said...

Can I come to the park with you?

Holly said...

Wow, that looks like a great park! Where is it located? Next time we are in the TC area visiting mom's sister (I think that makes her our Aunt) who lives in Minnetonka, we would love to stop there and run!!!


Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Wow, I'm jealous of your park. We go to the dog park often here too, but we don't have trees like that and trails. That looks like a real forest to play in. How great!