Monday, April 2, 2007

Squirrel E-Train

Hi everypup, Tasha here. We got a comment from Holly about our fence. She thought that we must be very well trained not to go through or under our fence. Come on, we're not that domesticated!! What you can't see from the picture is that there is a green garden fence that runs from the top rail to the ground. According to dad, the fence needs to be replaced cuz it is almost 30 years old and in terrible shape. But here's the thing about this split rail fence. Ivy will go crazy about this! We have a couple of families of SKERRELS! that live in the two big trees. They tease us by running along the top rail and when we start getting closer, they jump into a tree. They even have the nerve to come up and sit on the rail of our deck!! They don't stay there long once either Eva or I see them, then they high-tail it for the nearest tree. Another home security crisis avoided!! I was just going to post about our fence, but Eva ,being the diva that she is, thought we needed some pictures added.

Do I look like a Princess?

Just mimme SNOW!

Since it seems like everypup but Zack has run out of snow, I thought a pic of me digging in the wonderful white stuff would be a nice thing for some of you pups out there! Yes, its an old picture, but just seeing it makes me feel good! Belly Rubs, Tasha.


Wimsey said...

Snow, such lovely stuff! At least it is damp here which brings out all the scents, so nice.

Always a pleasure to see photos of you lovely ladies.

Much drool,


Holly said...

Oh thank goodness about your fence! I was beginning to wonder if you were totally over taken by the humans!

My human woman had to put wire fencing over the old wood fence at her old house, cuz Abby got out once and she about had heart failure trying to find her. She still does't know how it happened, but she took herself off to Menards the next day and got one of those rolls of wire fence that she just unrolled along the old wood one and then used the staple gun to attach it. Hey, whatever works to keep the wondering doggies in!

I sure miss my snow. We would like to skip summer and go right back to winter, please!!


IndyPindy said...

Yeah, at my grandparents' house they have a split level fence, but mom helped my grandpa put new chicken wire around the outside, and they even buried it in the ground! So it's pretty secure. Oh, they also had to put a chain and clip around the gate cause I know how to open it...hee hee!

Tadpole said...

Ha ha - my girl didn't put a leash on me last night and I ran away!! Just up the hill, and then I got distracted by a man who was sitting on the gound!! Can you believe it?! Sitting on MY GROUND!!

scubee said...

You have squirrels that run along your fence? WOW!!! I am soooo jealous!! That must be tons of fun!

Isabella said...

We don't get squirrels in our yard- they must not like palm trees. But we do get lots of rabbits to chase after.
big Wags,