Thursday, April 12, 2007

Few Words Friday

Mind if I sit and stay awhile?

Yes, that is a Minnesota Vikings jacket by me. Poor dad, he's a big fan. Belly Rubs, Eva.


Holly said...

You are just so cute!!!

I didn't have any problems with your other post, or watching the videos. They looked great to me, and makes me miss the snow!


Bella said...

Oh my DOG what a cutie I want that baby pupy to join us - but with all the good work & traiing to make her the dog she is today - reckon that's possible?
Have you seen 'Inspector Rex' best dog series ever

Bella & Family

Peanut said...

Oh man you were cute as a puppy and your still cute now.

The Army of Four said...

Oh, wow! What an adorable puppy picture!
Hey, that's cool that you guys have snow! We're under a big Winter Storm (me) Warning, so hopefully we'll get pounded, too. It's GOT to be our Weather Control Device, don't you think?
Tail wags,

Tadpole said...

That's such a beautiful picture... so sad that's it ruined by that jacket hanging there. *sigh*

I have a Bear's jersey - wanna borrow it sometime? Hee hee! :-)

Freda said...

Hi Tasha and Eva,

Freda here. Thanks for sniffin' arounds my place. Your place is ultra cooools! Those puppys photos are neato, Tasha. What a cutie!

And that Yard Art is fantastic. Did you see my Nose Art from last years? You can find it unders one twos one twos Pippinary (16 March 2006). We must be artists at heart.

Please, link to me , if you so desire. I have linked to you alreadys, if that is okay.

Glad to sniff you one twos one twos (two). And I am happys that your humans let you use the magic typer and are bloggin'. Cooools!


Freda Ƨ

P.S. I was sniffin' around your place several days ago and posted this on the wrong day. Sorry abouts that. And for some reason, your blog didn't register in my Paw Pals list. Will try again.