Wednesday, July 11, 2007

We're Rockin' Now!

Hi puppers and Girl Girl, Tasha here. Its been another really busy work for the dad. He's coming home tired and grumpy every night from work. We try to tell him if it makes him so tired and cranky, then he should just stop going and spend all his time with us! He says that if he does that, that would be the end of kibble and treats for us. So I guess that we'll let him keep going. But on to much more interesting things.
Look what our pal Holly nominated us for! We are Rockin' Girl Bloggers!! How totally cool is that?!?! Thanks ever so much, Holly! We feel very honored to get this awesome badge. There's lots of other great Rockin' Girl Bloggers out there on the net, so just to be mentioned with them is WAY COOL!!
We are supposed to nominate 7 other Rockin' Girl Bloggers, but we think most of our pup pals have already gotten it. If you haven't, just right click on the badge and Save Picture as..., save it on your computer and up load it just like a normal picture. We think that Girl Girl should DEFIANTLY have this one! Thank you very much once again for thinking of us, Holly!
We have gotten a LOT of new stuff lately. First it was a package in the mail! A bunch of fun stuff and one EEEEVIIIILLL thing. Check it out! There's an Evil Cuz, (that's not the EEEEVIIILLL thing), a scrunchy bone, a couple of Nylabones, a new poo bag dispenser, and yes, I'm sure you see it.

It's an EEEVIIILLL Furminator! NOOOOOOO!!!

The toys are great, the poo bag dispenser is a necessity, and the furminator is, well, NOT GREAT! Pleasure and pain all in one small box. Eva loves the scrunchy bone and the Nylabones and I think Evil Cuz is great! He bounces funny sometimes and I love to chase after him. We really needed new Nylabones, cuz the old ones were getting pretty stubby and the humans were tired of pulling all the fur off them. They also said something about those old bones really hurt if they got stepped on with bare feet. Humans are SUCH tenderfoots!

Look what our neighbor Bob gave us! Its a Doggy Driver! Your human can use it to throw a tennis ball. Bob is SUCH a great neighbor to think of us! Here's me checking it out.

Can we play now, dad?!?!

We haven't got a chance to try it out yet because our yard isn't big enough and SOME humans haven't taken us to the dog park in what seems like a hundred years! It looks like fun, though, and when we do try it, we'll try to remind dad to bring the camera with and make a video. Hope all you pups are doing well. We'll try to get around and check everypups blog here soon! Belly Rubs, Tasha.


Peanut said...

We have one of those evil furminators at our house to. Lucky for me my mom doesn't use it on me just flash and the cats. Hopefully you can keep it away from you as long as possible.

Ferndoggle said...

Uh got a Furminator??? Yikes. My Mom says it works great. I say it's OK as long as I get Liver when she's all done!


Nanook and Pooka the Newfoundlands said...

The furminator doesn't work on us. Our fur is too thick. But I hope it doesn't hurt you!

Lotsa licks,


P(ee)S - we're having a contest!

Tadpole said...

Whoa - nice haul, girls! Woot!

Luckily, I'm able to get out of the Furminator madness.... ;-) I feel for you, though.

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

We don't have a furminator. I hear that dogs who don't like to be brushed don't mind the furminator. Well, I hate to be brushed, and I doubt that another brush would make me automatically enjoy it!!! Those toys look fun!!!

Isabella said...

Thank goodness I don't shed so I don't have to have that furminator used on me. Does it hurt?
I hope your dad plays ball with you soon!
Big Wags,

Holly said...

Oooo, you got a Cuz!!! I didn't like mine, so I sent it to Turbo. He LOVES it. At least it is getting some good abuse at his house!

Of course I had to pick you two! You are from mom's home state, and she would love nothing more than to actually get to meet you some day! And ME TOO!! I think we would have a great time at your dog park!

You will like the furminator! It's the only brush we all really like. Although it doesn't work too well on the longer fur, you might find. It works great on me, Samuel and Abby, but not on Monty and Kona cuz they have the long Samoyed hair.

Have fun with your new toys!!


Ginger said...

Oooohh that doggie driver looks like fun! I'll tell my mom to get one for me - she's always complaining that her right arm is bigger than her left from throwing my ball over & over & over. You lucky dogs!