Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Delicate Issue

Sorry we haven't been around much lately. Momma has had to travel for work again (she keeps traveling to a place that has a Three Dog Bakery but forgets to bring us home treats) and Dad has been working hard. But more importantly, Tasha has been under the weather.

How can I say this delicately................she has been having a poo issue. She is so embarrassed and had to let the vet steal some of her blood. Thank Dog, everything came back normal but she has to take some pills and be on a bland diet for a while.

Even on a bland diet, Momma searches out the best for us- no wheat, no corn, no soy etc. I still get Nature's Variety but Tasha is on Duck and Potato. I got to try it and it's pretty tasty. Momma gets our kibble at a local place where they carry lots of good quality foods. As soon as Tasha can test them, we'll post about some new treats she picked up today.

We're in the middle of a new heat wave, so we'll post an old picture that will cool everyone off.

Belly Rubs,

p.s. We have not forgotten that we were tagged for our 5 favorite books. We'll try to respond later this week, I need to taste a few more for that.


Holly said...

Abby was having some poo issues too. She had coccidia and has had a hard time getting rid of it.

Samuel and Abby and Kona eat the Natural Balance Duck and Potato, I eat Solid Gold Barking at the Moon (no grains) and Monty eats Science Diet u/d prescription diet.

Thanks for the snow pic. We are baking down here! That snow makes me feel better. I sure wish winter would hurry up and get back here!


Katherine and Pippa, said...

I am warm too.

I am panting lots.

I don't know that I like snowy pix tho'.

Hope Tasha feels much better real soon.

Pippa xx

Peanut said...

We sure hope Tasha feels better soon.

Tadpole said...

Aww... poor Tasha. I'm glad her pancreas isn't angry like mine can be sometimes, though. Hope she gets better really soon!

Oh, glorious snow....

The Husky in the Window said...

Tasha, we hope you get better. If we were close by, my mom would fix you her Doggie Chicken Soup. It makes us feel better.
I like the snow picture. Very cool. Here in the south, it's sooo hot we don't go outside much at all.
Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

Sparky said...

I hope Tasha gets better soon! I'll pray for ya.

I like that old picture. It sure does cool me off!


Ferndoggle said...

Poor Tasha! I hope her poo is normal real soon!

That picture makes me feel cooler already!