Saturday, July 28, 2007

Good Old fashioned Dog Next Door

Eva may be some fancy shmancy breed but I am a good old fashioned random "ships passing in the night" mix of collie, husky and golden retriever. At least that's Momma and Dad think I am. Momma's thinking about submitting my DNA for breed testing but is waiting until this fall when they will have more breeds available.

Now to my darling Pippa - You must be patient. Even though it was her fault, Momma is still upset about what Evil Eva did. Momma doesn't know how to get the picture from the little box to the bigger box. Check back in the morning, it will probably be posted later tonight.

Belly rubs,


Katherine and Pippa, said...


I'm off to sleep now.

Actually I am normally asleep.

Pippa xx

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Woo T&E - here is what I posted on my blog in response to your comment - Tasha and Eva - We heard from alot of people that it took anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months to get their harness. Also, we heard that their customer service is not stellar at all! However, mom lucked up and ordered on 7/8 and received on 7/23. What luck huh? I am sure your mom is not happy! One person mom talked to who waited 6 months found out that her order was "lost". It is such a bummer that they just don't communicate with their customers because their product is sooo good. Mom says that she would keep bugging them! Sorry you are having such a hard time.

Rose said...

It's not so bad being a mixed breed mutt. That's what we are, and we are proud of it! Anyway, we probably have more FUN than those stuffy, fancy breed dogs, we don't have to live up to the high standards sometimes imposed on pure breed dogs. We are, what we are! But we can be sophisticated and cultured, when the need arises - or at least our folks are hoping so! :)

Rusty & Smoky

Sparky said...

We mutts are the most awesomest dogs out there!