Monday, March 26, 2007

Yard Art

Tasha here! As some of you pups know Isabella's mom is putting together a site for arts-crafty humans. We were wondering if any other pups have artistic talent. I know that Isabella is an expert toilet paper sculpture, and Dave at the Army of 4 is a big help to his mom with her quilts, but what about all you other pups? On Sunday we had a neighborhood art project! Dad didn't have the camera so he didn't catch any of the actual artistic creativity in action. Too bad! We had three other dogs from our 'hood over in the back yard. Boo, a beautiful Wiemaraner,his cute sister Molly, a lab mix, and Yogi, a Doberman from the family behind our house. Along with Eva and I we all created a wonderful tribute to spring!

This picture is of the back corner of our yard. It has a huge willow tree that Dad loves to hate. He says it blocks the sun so its hard for the grass to grow. And a lot of water seems to collect under it. All the better for the art! Not that impressive you say? Well, to truly appreciate the work we must take a detailed and critical look at the piece, as one would do with any work of fine art. The technique above is what is called the "Slide n Stop". Notice the careful attention to ripping up as much grass as possible.
This element is a fine example of the 3-dimensional imprint. Observe that the artist needed to express his/her need to make a strong impression on Dad's lawn.
Here we have a fantastic example of artists working together to form a very impressive permanent hole that will be around for future generations of pups to admire.
And, of course, no work of art is complete until it has a signature. After the hard work of creating was done all the pups went home. All had very dirty feet. What one must suffer for their art! Cuz our feet were so dirty Dad thought if we went for a walk maybe some of his yard would wear off our feet. Creating art and a walk back-to-back? LUCKY DOGS! So how about it Blogging Dogs. Does anypup else have artistic talent? Lets see your work!! Belly Rubs, Tasha


e said...

Fei does a good "installation art piece" recently which she called the "progressive inclination towards digital media". In it, she destroyed some good old fashion documents in a bid to encourage mankind towards a digitalised life (documents no longer need to be printed onto trees, etc but be all virtual).
Look at her work.
Fei Fei

Bella said...

Fur sure you guys have done some great art work there. My speciality is to dig little holes in a certain patch of the lawn - just little tennis ball size holes - some of which I then join together when I get a creative urg. I will 'mind-vibe' to my mum to picture for sharin on my blog.

Foster Dogs said...

Oooh, Huskies are very creative. We make statements by leaving our fur, shredding paper, cardboard, and other items.

I like the yard art, very modern!

Tadpole said...

I can tell a lot of hard work went into that mondern yard art - impressive! I'm not much of an artist, but I do lick little patches of carpet until they're flat and when my saliva dries they're all crunchy!

Peanut said...

Oh I do that in our backyard to. We have a huge tree to that won't let grass grow.

Jazz and Dixie said...

Hi Guys,
Thanks a lot for visiting our blog. Actually we also visited your blog through AO4 earlier this week. The pictures of you guys running free in that big field made us jealous. And the artwork - well that was very creative. You can check out some of Dixie's artwork in a Novemeber 2006 posting on our blog. We had trouble getting the artist's choice of medium off her (as it was permanent marker!!)

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Let's see... I would say my best talent is digging. So far I haven't gotten a big hole going (because Dad puts poop in my little holes so then I don't want to continue them) but I have lots of small, poop filled, craters all over the back yard.

Steve's talent is throwing fits. Well and he's really good at smearing poop all over his kennel when Mom and Dad are gone just a little bit too long. He would probably be a good painter if he had paint instead of poop.

Sorry for all of the talk of poop in this comment,

Billy said...

Love the art work...very impressive and a lot of hard work went into that! My work of art is trying hard to not look at the camera which mom gets pretty frustrated with me. Then she gives me a treat in the hopes I'll look and then and only then can she get my mug on camera, now that's a work of art haha:)

Hugs from Billy Boo:)

hana said...

Oh Tasha, I don't think I could beat that art you made!

Jasper said...

Isabella sent us!!!
What kewl art work!!!
Y'all are KEWL,

Holly said...

I'm very talented in being bossy! My brothers Sam and Monty are very talented in digging craters! I think they are trying to reach fufu in Singapore!


Isabella said...

I have been doing some designing in our yard lately, too. We are in a drought and the grass is brown and crispy. So now when I run around the yard, I kick up huge clouds of dust and leave gouged places all over. I am working on a specific pattern and it is coming along nicely.But I still prefer working with paper mache, if Linda would just leave me alone and stop interfering.
Big Wags,