Sunday, March 18, 2007

New Friend

Tasha let's go for a walk!
Oh, my dog, look at that wonderful mud!

This is Tasha checking in today. Eva and I will try to take turns posting. This pretty girl is Darby our new friend. She she is part Belgian Turvuren like Eva. Darby's mom isn't sure what else she is, but she thinks it might be German Shepard Dog. Isn't that just lovely, long black fur! As you can see from Eva and I that Mom and Dad love long-furred puppies. We had a great time at the park. This is one of the first dog parks in our area. Now we don't go to this one very much because is pretty small and pretty flat. Our favorite park has hills and lots of trees which offer many great sniffing opportunities and lots of different pups to play with. We'll post some pictures from that park in later posts. For now here are some from our day yesterday. That's all for now.
Belly Rubs to All, Tasha.

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Tadpole said...

I'd love some long fur, too.... *sigh* I was born naked. And freezing all the time.