Friday, March 23, 2007

Snow Thief was Here!

Last of the Snow. OH NOOOO!

Zim from the Army of Four wanted to know how much snow we have in "Minne-SNOW-ta". We are sorry to report that this is about all that's left. Three weeks ago everything and we mean EVERYTHING was covered in a beautiful blanket of 18 inches of snow. We think that after that dreaded snow thief was done at Ivy's house he came here and took all of our too! Rotten snow thief. For some reason all the humans were out and about in our neighborhood today. Why weren't they out running around when we were having that lovely snowstorm? Humans just don't know what good weather is. Here's a couple more pictures from the "Lack-of -Minne-SNOW-ta".

Our back yard. With NO SNOW. GRRRR

Our street. With-- NO SNOW. GRRRRRRR

There are still a few big piles of snow along our walking routes but not near enough. Sadly we believe that the snow season may be over. But dad says he has lived here a long time and you just never know! We've been know to get snow as late as April 15th, so there's still a chance for more. Keep your paws crossed for more snow for us. Belly Rubs to All, Tasha & Eva

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Ivy said...

oooo! i wish you get lots more snow! and if you do send it down to my yard cuz i didnt get neerly enuf this winter!