Saturday, March 17, 2007

Here we go!

Well, our dad has been telling us about all these cool dogs with cool blogs, so we decided that we should have one, too! He can't figure everything out yet (typical human lack of intelligence) but we have to give him a chance. Tasha says: I'm the pup on the right. At the shelter where my parents got me they said I was a collie/husky cross, but Dad thinks I've got some golden retriever in me. I do love,love,love snow piles so I think I am part husky. I'm a social butterfly and love everyone. Eva says: I am the pup on the left. I'm a Belgian Tervuren. My Dad says I'm a big chicken, but my Mom says I'm just cautious. We'll talk about what our life is like and our understanding (or lack there of) of human behavior. We can't talk too much today because we have a play date with a pup named Darby at one of three dog parks that we frequent! Give dad a little time and he just might figure out how to post a picture in our profile. We hope to meet lots of pups through our blog!

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PiratesGrrl said...

You guys are TOO cute!!!

The Brat Pack