Saturday, June 7, 2008


My day so far
4:30 Dad wakes up and we move to the living room. Dad falls asleep on the couch before making my breakfast
5:30 Dad wakes up again and makes my breakfast. Hmmm...nothing special about my breakfast. I think I'll wait until Momma gets up. I'll go nap with her so she'll remember that it's the weekend and she needs to make a family breakfast.
7:30 Momma and I get up. She makes scrambled eggs with cheese and toast for Dad. What!!! No eggs for me!!!!
7:45 I give Momma the evil eyes

7:46 Momma makes me a scrambled egg. When it had cooled, Dad mixes my egg with my kibble. I finally eat breakfast

That's all for now. We're getting ready to go to an "Art in the Park" event. I'll be back later for reveal my new header. I think it will be really cool.

Princess Eva


Charlie Daniels said...

I hope your breakfast was worth the long break!

Can't wait to see your new header. I'll check for it when I get up. Going to bed now ... it's very late here!



The Daily Echo said...

Mmmmm! Scrambled eggs - we love them! I hope you got extras since they made you wait so long. It's hard to find good help these days!

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...


Those eyes most CERTAINLY would work on my mom too!!

I'd get her to make me skhrambled eggs for breakfast but I'm filing this report whilst reposing on her bed -

I wonder if I khould get breakfast in bed???

Have fun AND I khan't wait to see the rekhapping of the blog!


Moco said...

It was about time that they got you your breakfast. What in the world is a matter with your parents. Love your evil eyes.
Looking forward to your new header.

Peanut said...

Have fun at the park.

Sparky said...


Man, your humans sure get up early! I'm sure the scrambled egg made your breakfast much better.

I can't wait to see the new header!


Joe Stains said...

We are exited for the new header! I wish I got eggs for breakfast!

Pippa said...


That is far too late for breakfast. And not enough of them.

Now listen carefully.

First yours, which includes biscuits (is that kibble?) and tasties. By 6.30am

Then share master's breakfast, ie your dads. Before 7am.

Then share breakfast or brunch with misery I mean your Momma who obviously isn't a misery. Well, that one is open to debate but preferably before teatime.

Pippa xx

Holly said...

Wow, eggs for breakfast! You sure are a very special girl!

Can't wait to see the new header!


Anonymous said...

Hey - we need your help, new alpha dog! How do you get eggs for breakfast? The only time we get them is when we steal them out of the brown bag on the counter occasionally while dogmom goes out to the garage to get another one.

Gomer and Opie

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

You are a very patient pup to wait that long for breakfast. I demand breakfast at 5 AM and THEN Mom or Dad can go sleep on the couch.