Wednesday, June 6, 2007

A Couple of Things

Hi pups, Eva here today. Sorry we haven't been posting more, but dad has been very busy with work and his supposed "Big Project" and doing other projects around here. We think those are pretty weak excuses, but what can we do? No dog park and only a walk every other day. Lazy humans.

I am SOOO bored.

Poor neglected Tasha

Anyway, last week was a little scary for me. On Monday, May 28 my humans put some flea and tick repellent on me and Tasha. The label said to put some at the base of the neck, the middle of the back, and at the base of the tail. On Tuesday before she left for work, mom said I was acting weird. When dad got home I was carrying my butt low and holding my tail off to the right. Dad was really worried about me so off to the V-E-T we went. I was scared because Tasha didn't come with us. The vet couldn't find anything wrong with me (he checked my anal glands! Not fun for man or beast!). He suggested bathing me to wash off the flea and tick treatment. NOT ANOTHER BATH!! But, yes, it was unavoidable. Dad was also supposed to take my temperature every few hours. HA HA HA!!! Mom was out of town so dad would have had to grow a third arm for that to happen! One to hold under my belly, one to hold my tail, and one to do the dirty deed. DID NOT HAPPEN! Mom did some research about my delicate European Princess skin. After all, I am a Belgian Tervuren, and according to lots of sources, we can be very sensitive to chemicals. When she got home on Thursday, I got ANOTHER bath with Dawn dish washing detergent. I felt better after that and I am now back to my normal energetic and bouncy self! So no more over-the-counter flea and tick stuff for me.

Now I have a question for all you pups. Mom and dad think its time for me to retire my tennis ball. You might remember from this post that I play with only one ball. Here is a picture of my ball shortly after dad dug it out of the ice this spring.
Then last week while I was uncomfortable, Maggie came to stay for a couple of days while her family was out of town. You might remember our friend Maggie from this post at the dog park.
Maggie May
This is what my ball looked like before Maggie got to it.
She got my ball and had the cloth part in her mouth and whipped it back and forth, over and over again and dad couldn't get it away from her. So this is what my ball looks like now.
I still love playing with this ball. Dad says it has no aerodynamic properties and floats like a knuckle ball. I have absolutely no idea what that means, but I LOVE MY BALL!! I don't want to give it up. What do you pups think? Is it time to say goodbye to a ball that I had last fall, lost in a snow bank for most of the winter, and joyously found again this spring? Am I holding on too hard? Such a dilemma. Belly Rubs, Eva.


Holly said...

Mom bought a certain kind of flea and tic stuff for us too (Bio-spot) and when she mentioned it to her vet, she said it was VERY bad stuff, and could cause neurological problems! Then, a month or so later, mom noticed a big bald spot on Abby, right at the application site. It burned off ALL her hair in that spot! Mom was very upset. She sent the stuff back to where she got it and got her money back. Luckily, we all weigh enough that it shouldn't have caused any neuro problems, but has been known to in smaller dogs.

She then went back to the Frontline, even though it's more expensive, at least it is safe.


Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Meow... Tia here...

Oh yes, I had a bad reaction to the over the counter stuff MANY years ago. I broke out all over where the stuff was applied to my skin. My brother and I would go running through the house, crying. Mom washed it off, which is not easy to do on cats and went back to frontline!


Eva, Sitka says that you should keep your ball!!!

Sparky said...

You should keep the ball! I have 11 tennis balls in the back yard that are all broken up from last winter. They froze, and thawed, and now they look funny. But I love them!


Freda said...

Hey Evas,

Firsts, you should keep your ball and then get several new 1,2 1,2 ones for those just in case times.

Hollys is right. I heard that that Bio-Spot stuffs is reeeallys nastys. I got some Frontlines several weeks ago cuz Dad found a ticker ridin' arounds on me. It had been a long times, maybe Octobers, since my last Frontlines. Then I get it maybe everys 1,2 1,2 8 weeks insteads of the 1,2 1,2 6 weeks cuz it is soo yuckys.

Keep the ball.



P.S. My dad's mum's name is Iva, like her grandma's name. Apparentlys it comes from Godiva. Oo la las!

Again with the big words to verifys. I wonders what language they use. Bet it's C-A-T! I knew they couldn't spells!

Peanut said...

Oh poor you. I am glad that flea stuff didn't hurt you for a long time. My mom gives us this stuff we love them and have no fleas (and we live in kentucky where there are lots).
I agree with the fact that you should keep your ball and get lots more.

Tadpole said...


I'm so glad you're better now - that was a scary story!

hana said...

I have heard of other doggies having reactions to tick and flea medications. Which one was used on you? Here is a post I came across a while back. Maybe it will interest you.

And check out the last entry on this post for an alternative.

Pacco de Mongrel said...

hahah....poor ball...r most of ur toys ended up like this 1.

Rose said...

We were sorry to hear that you were not feeling well recently. It's such a bomber to be sick! But we are happy to know you are back to your old self.
We also wanted to weigh-in on the ball issue. We think you should be able to enjoy your ball until you get tired of it. That is unless your folks are going to replace it with a ball just like it, new and bouncy. Old balls are fun, but there is nothing like a new ball!
Take care of yourself, and blow kisses at Tasha for us!
Smoky and Rusty