Monday, November 26, 2007

Grandma's & the Floor

Hello everypup, Wilbur, Tia, and GG, Tasha here. First of all let me start by apologizing for us not posting and commenting this weekend. The humans have been making all kinds of noise with the new floor and painting a bunch of walls. We couldn't even do a Few Words Friday! As soon as we were up on Friday, the commotion started. I hid in the basement by the pool table and Eva cowered in the humans room practically under the bed. Oh, well, today both humans went to work so it was nice and quiet so we could get in our naps.

Now I would like to tell you about our trip to our Grandma's for Thanksgiving. This is how it looked in the back yard Thanksgiving morning. Wonderful snow on the ground!
Here is Eva and I waiting for Momma to come back when she went into a store to get something to drink on the long trip. We get anxious whenever momma or dad get out of our DUV (Doug Utility Vehicle) when we go on an adventure. It wasn't long before she was back and we were on our way...
Over the River (Minnesota River)
And through the Woods. (Sorry the picture of the woods came out really blurry)
To Grandmother's House We Went!
Here we are helping Momma and Grandma get all the food ready. I don't know how that they could have gotten all the goodies ready with out Eva and I helping. We got so many pieces of delicious food! We especially liked the turkey.
After the wonderful meal (We had to stay in the entry way during the humans meal time) we played with our cousins.
That is Briana sitting on Nicole and our Grandpa is in the background. Grandpa and Grandma just love it when we come to visit. And we really have fun when we get to go see them. Always lots of love when the family can get together!
Now I want to report on the progress on the flooring project. I am very happy to report that the kitchen and dining room is now finished. That is a very good thing, but I heard a rumor that the living room and hallway still need to be done. That can only mean much more noise from Acompressor and Astapler. Those two cause A LOT of anxiety for Eva and I.
Here's a pic of the completed floor. Notice that the first thing placed on the new flooring are our food dishes and water bowl. At least the humans have some of their priorities straight! Eva is having a bit of a problem with how slippery the floor is. On Saturday she went down really hard when we were going outside to do our business. She's slowly figuring out that she has to be more careful when walking on the new floor. Then there's me.
As you can see, the new floor is just fine with me.
We promise to get around to all our friend's blogs very soon to catch up on all the news. Thanks for being patient with us. We love you all!! Belly Rubs, Tasha.


Sparky said...

Snow! Oh, I wish we had snow! But it might snow tonight, I really hope it does!

It looks like you had a good time!


IndyPindy said...

Wow, beautiful new floor. I'm sure it will be lots of fun to slide on! You are so lucky that you got to have some turkey, I'm allergic to it. But my mom did make me some homemade treats on Friday!

Katherine and Pippa, said...

Hello Fluffy Tasha
Your new floor looks great. Master and mistress had a pup who used to slide around on floors a bit, but usually only when he was rushing around. Eva will get used to it.
Minnesota looks very cold. I think I will come and see you two in summer not autumn or winter. Brrrrr.

Pippa xx

Peanut said...

What a great time at Grandma's you had. Nice floor.

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Your new floor is so beautiful!! I bet you'll both be walking on it just fine in no time. And maybe your parents will get you some rugs.


Kapp pack said...

The floor looks bewootiful!

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

Bama said...

What a gorgeous floor, and it shows off your beewootiful coloring to perfection, Tasha-grrl. That should be a calendar cover shot or something.
Glad your humans got their priorities straight bout the dinner & water bowls!
Sounds like you both had a wonderful Thanksgiving, glad you got lots of goodies
Bama & the RHP

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh your visit to your grandma sure looks fun

~ Girl girl

Barlow Putz said...

oh how exciting everything is at your house and that foggy picturee of the bridge and snow was just right, it was erie and that is how we like it. we the new platoon of four(not army) are highlighted first on putz(just click) and then directions there to platoon of four's own blog..loves sadie duke sandy and speeding

Ferndoggle said...

We were locked upstairs when the humans ate their dinner. What the heck??? But we did get some turkey...soooooooooo good! Yum-O! I love turkey.

The new floor looks great. Tasha, I'd be just like you...sprawled out right in the middle!


Lacy said...

woofies Tasha and Eva!!! nice to meeteded u boff...watt a wonderful turkey day u luvvvv turkey...those r sum bute ti ful dey installeded...and u got sum snow, me never gets much snow..

b safe,

-The Mullin Clan's Mommy- said...

Yur new floor looks great. You can do some pawsum slides on it! The snow around yur grandma's house looks great. We had only a light sprinkle so far in PGH. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving.
-Cosmos & Juneau-

The Daily Echo said...

Wooo! You got a bewootiful new floor too! We're still learning not to do the Bambi on Ice slide but we're getting better.

Marvin - Braveheart Hound said...

Jeannie loves the floor, but I would find it a bit slippy! We have one like that in our conservatory and they laugh at me, cos I cannot get a purchase on it and slide all over the place!

We think your house from the outside looks amazing, its like something out of a movie!

love and licks, Marv xxxxx

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

WOW those floors look BEAUTIFUL! It looked like you two had a great time at your g-ma's house.