Friday, November 9, 2007

Few Words Friday

You're the biggest puppy I've ever seen!

Hello everypup, kitty and GG, Eva here. This is another picture dad found on the internet. That is one brave kitty! Tia and Wibur, would you guys go up and say hi to this big guy? No good ones of us lately. We have been kind of ignored this week. Mom and dad are back to some long hours at work and then when they get home its more projects and fall chores. It was a sad day for dad the other day. He had to winterize his motorcycle. It is now under a cover in the garage. On Tuesday while we were guarding the house while mom and dad were at work we saw the first snow flurries of the season! Can't wait until it snows heavy and sticks to the ground. That's another reason we posted this picture. WE WANT SNOW!! Hope every furball has a great weekend. Belly Rubs, Eva.


The Army of Four said...

SNOW FLURRIES?!?!?! Oh, that sounds SO wonderful! It's been in the 70s here. Sigh. At least that's cooler than it's been. And we've had a couple frosts, which are nice. But I'm SO ready for SNOW!!!!
I hope you get lots and lots!

Katherine and Pippa, said...

I would say hello to the big guy. And then chase the kitty right away. hehehe

Have a good weekend girls.


Sparky said...

Whoa, that sure is one brave kitty! Thanks for sharing the picture with us!

Sorry to hear you've been ignored this week. So have I... we can be bored together... Oh, and I want snow too!


Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Hi T&E. I would definitely be too afraid to say hi to a moose! Wow!