Saturday, October 25, 2008

Just a Lazy day

Since she isn't working, Momma took over most of the daily yard clean-up. But she got tired of the challenge of the treasure hunt (aka poo patrol) when the yard is full of leaves. So today, we spent the afternoon outside helping her rake up the leaves. Apparently, constantly asking her to throw our ball and flying squirrel was not all that much help.

So to keep us busy, she brought out a pair of split raw knuckle bones. They kept us busy for hours and hours. Now our teeth are sparkly clean and white.

Brice hid with his under one of the pine trees.

I stayed in the middle of the yard where Momma could see if Brice tried to steal mine.

They were yummy!
Princess Eva

P.S. Do you like the new header?


Holly said...

Cool bones! I hope Brice can find his later, once all the leaves bury it.

LOVE the new header! But, where is Brice?


Lacy said...

w00f's Eva and Brice, yesss me does love the new header...anddd watt wood ur mama do iffin she didnt haff u boff to help her...

b safe,

Raising Addie said...

I've never had a bone like that before. Sounds really fun!

We LOVE your new header! You are just gorgeous Eva!

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Of khourse I love the new header -

It is SOOOOOOO woo!

I believe your momma has furgotten things like leave gathering MUST wait when a Princess khalls!

We already know Brice (The FURRY Handsome) just has to flash THAT smile and she's a goner!


The Daily Echo said...

I love your new header! Next time you're helping Mom in the yard you need to remind her you only have her cardiovascular and muscle tone health in mind. Sometimes we just have to spell things out for them.

Lorenza said...

Hi, Eva!
Yes, I like your new header!
My mom says that I help more when I am not in the middle when she is cleaning!
Yummy bones!
Kisses and hugs

Thor and Marco Polo and 3 Kats said...

WOO WOO Princess Eva

Great Bones! And such a great idea to keep Brice from stealing it from you! We LOVE your new header! You are such a beautiful Girly!!!

Thor and Marco Polo

The Army of Four said...

It sounds like you and Brice are every bit as helpful as we are! It's good that your mom gave you a break with the bones!
I like the new header a lot; Ammy thinks "somepuppy" is missing. Woo.

The OP Pack said...

Ooooh, I would love one of those yummy bones. But I did have lots of fun with the leaves today. It was so windy here that they were blowing and dancing all over the place - it was lots of fun to chase and pounce on them.

Off to paw Mom for one of those bones - I need sparkly clean teeth too.

Woos, the OP Pack

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

I think your new header is lovely! We helped our mom rake some leaves this weekend too. By helping, I mean we ran through the piles and messed them up. She decided to rake because she couldn't find any of our piles too. We still have more leaves to fall though!


Suka said...

hey Princess Eva and Brice the Handsome,

Your new header is very pretty! I noticed it right away! Is Brice sad that he is not in the header?

I don't understand how throwing balls and flying squirrels was not helpful?! Sounds helpful to me! Well, at least you both got some yummy bones out of it and you both look very content eating them! I hope Brice did not steal your bone, Eva! Little brothers are known to do things like that.


Moco said...

You are so lucky to get those great bones. Your mom needs one of those leaf blower things.
The new header is nice.

Kapp pack said...

Those look yummy! Love the new header!

Kisses, Sky boy