Sunday, September 9, 2007

Trip to the Renaissance Festival

Hi everypup and Girl Girl, Eva here. What an adventure that Tasha and I got to go on yesterday! We went to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. My humans were a little concerned that all the people and noises would be too much for me cuz I am a little excitable. Momma gave me some Rescue Remedy before we went in so I did really good. Momma and dad were really proud of me and I had a very good time!

Posing with Momma by one of the many cool buildings.
It was Pet Weekend at the Festival this weekend so there were lots of people there with their pups. We got to visit a whole bunch of dogs. What fun! We met a lady that had a male Turvuren, but he didn't get to come. Oh, well, maybe next year we will see him.
One of the best things about the day was the petting zoo. I think it was more for the little humans, but Tasha and I enjoyed it VERY much.
What a bunch of good smell, don't you think Eva?
All the smells of the different animals there was really something. We had never experienced that before. I got to meet the object of my breed's working heritage.
I wanted to herd them! Momma and dad wouldn't let me, though. We found out that there was already somepups there to do that!
Tasha saying "Hi" to the Border Collies
There were 3 Border Collies at the petting zoo. They were giving herding demonstration to the crowds. We didn't stay long enough to see them work. That would have been fun to see.
Camels, elephants, and Llamas. Oh My!
There were all kinds of things to investigate. There was a place to get a ride on a camel, an elephant, or a llama! We wanted to ride the elephant, but it turns out that only humans were allowed to ride. Discrimination!
Scottish Highland Cow.
This guy had really long fur like us! He wasn't very interested in coming over to meet us. Maybe he was just tired.
Look at this big guy! Its a huge rocking horse. We wanted to try this out, too, but again, for humans only. What a bummer! The humans made up for it, though. We got to share some of the food they bought!
Helping Momma with her kettle corn.
Not only did we get kettle corn, but we got to help the humans with a roasted turkey leg! Good, good eatin'! After all that walking, sniffing, meeting and greeting, we came home and spent most of the rest of the day napping. This was the first time that Tasha and I had been to a big gathering of humans. We enjoyed it very much and since I did so well with the situation momma and dad are planning to take us to many more fun outings! I just can't wait! Belly Rubs, Eva.
P.S. Dad is excited about the Minnesota Vikings starting their season today. He wants to say "Go Vikes!"


Katherine and Pippa, said...

What beautiful well-behaved girls you are.

I am pleased you had such a fine day out.

Mistress says to bark at you that your fine print looks very cool. We mus do one soon.

Ruffs Pippa xx

Randi said...

Hi Tasha & Eva! My mom has been to the Ren-ass-ants Fes-tee-val! & she even got to ride the elephant! Did you get chaced by the weirdo guys that have big green pickles & run & chase you & ask you..."Do you want my pickle?"...very weird, these humans...Turkey legs sound wonderful!
Love & Licks,

Holly said...

Wow, what a fun day! We need something like that here. Our Renaissance festival only allows humans.

My human woman is going to see the Vikings in Kansas city on the 23rd!! She is VERY excited! Go purple people eaters!


Bama said...

Wowooo, sounds like you girls had a great day! Even though we're in Florida, and dad has always lived in the south, he likes the Vikes too, that was his favorite team until we got our very own Jaguars, but he still roots for the Vikes as long as they aren't playing the Jags.
Bama & the RHP

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Mmm... Kettle corn. I got to try some popcorn this weekend and it was yummy but I bet kettle corn is even better! It looks like you enjoyed it. What a fun day!


Sparky said...

Looks like you 2 had a full, fun day! I would have loved to go with you. Wouldn't it be so cool if we dogs really could ride the elephant?


Holly said...

They won, they won!!! Go Vikings!!!! Woooooooooooo!


Girl Girl Hamster said...

Woh looks like you gals had a great outing. So nice to meet up with so many animals. :)

~ Girl girl

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

WOW look at all those animals. I am sure they smelled lovely! And you got popcorn too! Wow, you two had a great day!