Sunday, October 14, 2007

On a Mission

Hi pups and GG, Eva reporting today. We got the mission news from Storm and Dave of the AO4. We weren't able to go to Dogtoberfest cuz the humans had to go shopping for paint and a new TV for the game room. We were NOT happy about that, but we did get to go on our mission! Our mission was to go conquer our dog park.

What a great mission! Can you see how happy Tasha is to finally be on our way? I was also very excited to be at the park. SOOOO MUCH FUN!!
Before we got started, we had to play a bit first. There were so many pups out on a beautiful day. It was sunny and about 60 degrees. Nice for the humans, but still just a bit warm for us pups.
Look at this cute little Italian Greyhound! He was very excited to be around so many pups. He would sniff us then try to get us to chase him. We're not much into chasing, but he sure tried hard. Tasha had to say "HI" also.
After a little more socialization and play time, we decided it was time to be off on the mission. Here we are on the march to our objective.

Laying low to avoid detection.

Here we are entering the woods. Got to keep a sharp eye, ear, and nose out for intruding squirrels and bunnies in our area.
If you remember from one of our previous posts, our park has been shrunk by stupid humans doing construction work near the park. As a result, there is this fence cutting us off from about one third of the park. And its a really cool part of the park, too. Can you see the fence in the background? We used to be able to go up that hill and continue back about another 100 yards.
Here's the other side of the park. Its only about 40 yards wide at this point, but its so fun to run up and down the hill and explore the woods. Hopefully soon the stupid human construction will be done and we can have the rest of our park back.

I don't know if dad was scared about our mission, but he tried to go AWOL on us. We caught him trying to escape on video. We were having none of that! We are very good at keeping our subordinates in line.

Dad should realize by now that there is no hiding from us. We find him every time he tries!
Finally we were ready to complete our mission. TAKE THE HILL!!
In case you don't know what "got your 6" means, it means that Tasha is watching our backs. You always have to be aware of any squirrels or bunnies that might be trying to sneak up on you from behind!
With our mission complete, we decided to retire to the rear area and socialize with the civilians a little bit more. All the pups seemed to be very appreciative of the job we had done to keep the park safe from squirrel and bunny invasion.
Look, even the humans wanted to thank us for a job well done!
After getting our fill of thank yous and head scratches, we had a good drink and went home to have a well deserved diner and nap. Trooper missions can make a pup very hungry and tired!
Unfortunately, mom was painting again when we got home. Smelly stuff! Zimmy from the AO4 wanted to know if Adrill was there and to say "Hi" to him. He wasn't, but some stuff called Abrush and Aroller were there, so we said "Hi" to them for him. We almost got paint on our snouts! The painting is coming along nicely, so we hope its over soon, but knowing our humans it will be a while before they are done.
Well, we hoped everypup liked finding out about our mission. We sure had fun! We requested to be interviewed by Bama from the River Hill Pack and we will be giving our answers very soon. There are real hard-hitting questions so we have to think about them a little more. Check back soon for that one! Belly Rubs, Eva.


Katherine and Pippa said...

What an exciting mission. You have reminded me I need to send off for my trooper badge.

I Ithought the little greyhound was cute. I always try to be friendly to little dogs.

Mistress can't remember if she has asked me to bark this before or not, but she thinks the copyright wording at the bottom of your sidebar is cool. Would you mind if we did something similar?


Kapp pack said...

Great job doggies!!!!! We love seeing pictures of your dog park.

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

The Army of Four said...

Wowzers! Great work, girls! I loved the video of you catching your dad trying to go AWOL! Way to take the high ground - that's always a good move. And watching each others' 6 is what being a Trooper in the Ao4 is all about! OUTstanding!!!!
Play bows,
PS: Sorry Adrill wasn't there. He's a guy with a lot to say. I got paint on my snooter once; it was actually pretty fun! I should post pix of that ...

Khady Lynn said...

I just love your park! And, even though it's a bit smaller, you still have such nice paths and trees to run around! I can't believe your dad thought he could hide from you! Mom always tries that with Sam, and he always finds her too!


Anonymous said...

Wooo T & E - What a great mission! You two are so smart to seek and find your dad who about went AWOL! Nice job!!!

The Husky in the Window said...

You'all are some busy pups. Wow! What an adventure you'all had while on your mission.
Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Sure looks like you girls had a fun outing. :)

~ Girl girl

The Daily Echo said...

That's a very cool dog park. Mom said something about Apaint and Aroller being here soon too. Maybe when they're done at your house you can send them to mine. We'll help them!

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Great mission and teamwork!! You two make great soldiers!


Lizzy said...

How exciting! I loved reading and looking at the pictures of your mission. Good job!


Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

Your mission sounded so exciting!

I wish I could have been there with you!

love and licks, Marvin in Scotland xxxxxx

Ferndoggle said...

Excellent mission Soldiers! And finding your Dad provided how effective you'd be a sniffing out the ememy (not that your Dad is the enemy!)


Melissa said...

You guys did great! Oh and our Papa tries that same trick on us...even our Mom tries it sometimes, but WE always find them with our excellent nose detection abilities!
China & Madie