Thursday, April 30, 2009

Brice is a stinky dog

Here is the story on why Brice is a stinky pup. (The camera battery was low so there are not a lot of pictures. )

When Dad came home from work on Monday, he asked the majic question "Do you want to go to the dog park?" Of course we did. We'd go to the park several times a day if we could. The park choice of the day was Bryant Lake Dog Park. The grand opening of this park last summer was the first time that Brice had ever been to a dog park.

After the initial meet & greet at the gate, we went down the trail. While Dad and I ran a few things back to the trash, Momma and Brice continued down the path.

Brice working on a sit-stay while in a new exciting environment

Looking for Eva and Dad and then seeing them up on the hill

After the park, Momma suggested taking us over to a different part of the park where we could dip our feety-feet in the lake to cool off.

Dad took me on the boat landing and Momma and Brice went out on the dock that was next to the boat landing. I was dipping my feety-feet and sent a silent message for Brice to join me.

(Stormy, Dave or Zim - cover Ammy's eyes!!)

Are you ready?????

Then this happened!!!

Instead of going back to shore and walking over to us, Brice decided the shortest path was a straight line. Unfortunately, he didn't realize that the water was deeper there. He sunk like a rock and was totally underwater. (Momma said it was like watching an accident in slow motion)

We didn't know if Brice could swim. Actually, we don't know if Brice knew if he could swim but he did figure it out and swam to shore. (Don't worry, Momma or Dad would have jumped in to save him if needed.)

Contemplating doing it again

Meanwhile I was still fluffy and dry

Because it was late when we got home and it rained yesterday, the boy is still stinky but he has a bath scheduled for this morning.

Woof ya later,
Princess Eva

P.S. Some of you guessed correctly. Brice was doing his "Ammy ears" from A04. He thinks her ears are bewootiful.

P.S.S. Do you think Mr. Stick had anything to do with this?

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Almost wordless Wednesday

Brice asks "Do my ears remind you of anyone?"

And a message for Dave: Tasha broke the "no dogs on the furniture" rule when she was very sick and they forgot to reinstate it. But I was not allowed on the couch tonight because I'm really stinky tonight. Pics and explanation tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Thank You Thor and Marco Polo

Our friends Thor and Marco Polo gave us this wonderful award and we're to list 6 things that make us happy and then pass this award to 6 more blogs.

  1. We're happy that we live in a very dog park friendly area - we have 4 of them within 10 miles of our house
  2. We're happy that Dad gave up on his "no dogs on the furniture" rule
  3. We're happy that Momma believes that "field trips" and new experiences are good for us
  4. Eva- I'm happy that everyone treats me like the Princess that I am.
  5. Brice - I'm happy that Momma, Dad and Eva drove all the way to Nebraska to meet me and bring me home with them. I had a good life in Nebraska but I love it here too.
  6. We're happy that we found Dogs with Blogs. A wonderful opportunity to meet beautiful and handsome pups/cats from all over the world.
We know that this award has been around for a while so if you haven't received it, please take it and share six things that make you happy.

Woof ya later,
Princess Eva and Brice

Monday, April 27, 2009


Last week we shared some pictures from one of our trips to the dog park. There is one special picture that we didn't post. There was a big debate- Was it too offensive? Too violent? Would there be retaliation? Could we hold the pic for ransom? No, not that Ransom, we're talking $$$. In the end, we just decided to share it with you.

Here is the story - Apparently some Thing was traumatized by the tree trimming that we did earlier this month and decided to strike back at us via an ambush during our park outing. Brice caught a glimpse of the Thing out of the corner of his eye as it attempted to trip Momma. The stupid Thing wasn't aware that Brice is not only fast but protective of his Momma and quicker than two shakes of a bunny's tail, Mr. Stick was taken hostage and was paralyzed by the fear of what was to come.

Even though he swears that it was an accident, Brice has already peed on my head once so I lured a complete stranger into helping Brice perfect his aim. Somehow I found the one dog that was not smart enough to stand off to the side.

A little more to the right!!

We planned to leave him as a target for all the other dogs but he tricked some stupid squirrels into helping him escape. When last seen, Mr. Stick was running screaming towards the Iowa border. He thinks that he'll be safe there. But he better stay off of I35. We know plenty of Huskies and a Malamute along that corridor that would love to get a hold of him. Especially now that he is a traveling pee-mail.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Princess and Her Bodyguard

The sky looked like rain on Saturday so we just had a quick trip to nearby Lake Ann. It was quite an adventure.

We just need to follow this path to get to the lake

Oh No!! The path is disappearing. How will we find the way?

Don't worry Eva, I'll take care of you!

Careful!! I hear something approaching.

Suddenly, a stranger was upon us!

The intruder growled "Get out of my way! She's pretty! And I'm going to steal her away with me!"

Brice boldly shouted at the intruder "Take your grubby paws off her! She's my sister and a Princess!!" Faced with such a powerful opponent, the stranger tucked tail and ran.

Princess Eva batted her eyelashes and sighed "You're my hero"

Soon we found ourselves on the shores of Lake Ann.

Concerned about the possibilities of sea monsters, they approached the water together.

I've checked and there is nothing here other than a few fish.

It's cold on my little feety feet. But it feels good.

As Princess, I hold naming rights over all of the lakes and oceans in Minnesnowta. I'd like to name this "Bricey Ocean" in honor of your bravery but we've used that when we renamed Lake Calhoun.

In respect for our heritage, I rename this body of water "The Tervuren Sea".

Since we knew that Momma was out hunting for some bones for us, we made our way back through the forest and returned home.

Note from Dad: The GSD just wanted to play but since he was running loose and Brice was leashed, there is potential for aggression to develop. As soon as the dominance behaviors started, we stopped the interaction and went on our way.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Afternoon Playtime

We have several play sessions every day in our yard but if we don't get to the park at least every other day, our parents notice a big difference in Brice. He has too much pent up energy and makes up his own version of fun. So to make sure that we both get plenty of exercise (and not drive Momma up the wall) we get to go play at the park where we can run and run.

It was a little windy at the park!

Brice and his friend didn't mean to run the pup over!
He got up and started doing zoomies with them.

Space to run!

Our park is starting to green up.

Back at the house, it was time for a little ball and squirrel.

Got our toys and ready to play

About to leave the ground

Got it!!!

Do we have to go in?
Time for Dinner??
Why didn't you say so sooner!?! Let's go!!

Woof ya later,
Princess Eva

Friday, April 24, 2009

Bracelets and Companion Rights

I was reminded last night of a website that I wanted to share with all of you. A while ago, I happen to come across a website for bracelets made from recycled tires and metals.

It is a nice way to get something for yourself and donate to charities at the same time. There are bracelets for cancer, autism, diabetes, child abuse and many others. Each bracelet is only $10 and half of it goes to the designated charity for that cause.

Photo from

I ordered the "I'm tired of Animal Cruelty" and $5 for each bracelet went to Best Friends Animal Society. Including one that will be a prize in a contest that we'll be announcing in a few weeks.

While reading through the website, I saw the following list of companion rights. These are so basic that I cannot believe that there are people who do not think this way. I copied and pasted this list from the website.

Before you decide to go to the shelter and pick out that new puppy or kitten, the local reptile store for a new turtle, lizard, or snake, or even take your neighbors rabbit or bird; keep in mind that animals have rights too…

1. A right to family: Every animal requires a different style of family. Puppies desire to be part of “a pack”, cats are more independent but, should have a family atmosphere in which they are loved and respected. Rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, birds, and reptiles have the right to their own family dynamics as well.

2. A right to health care: In order to be a thriving addition to your family, all animals must have regular exams, be properly vaccinated, and be free from fleas, ticks, lice, mites, and worms. If health issues arise, your pet deserves to be cared for in every respect.

3. A right to a good diet: The basic necessities for domesticated animals is similar to those of humans. Shelter and food are two of the highest needs. It is important that new pet parents are aware of their pet’s diet needs before they adopt.

4. A right to proper training: All animals need help in knowing what is required of them. Training, for some, is the only way in which they can obtain that knowledge.

5. A right to guidance and correction: When implementing training tactics and correcting that which is done wrongly, all animals have the right to be handled with love and compassion rather than with abusive words and actions.

6. A right to regular exercise: All animals deserve the right to walks, runs, hikes, and days out at parks and beaches, etc. Without proper exercise, some pets can become bored, obese, or hyper.

7. A right to stimulation: In order for pets to live happy and fulfilled lives, all need toys and games and time in play with their human family members. New sights and smells provide strong avenues for growth in the heart and mind of all pets.

8. A right to fun: With stimulation and exercise comes fun times for pets. All have the right to experience new and exciting things.

9. A right not to be rejected: Pets make mistakes just like humans do and when one is made, no animal should ever be rejected because they do not meet up to our expectations.

10. A right to live with dignity and to die with dignity when the time comes: The hardest thing for a pet parent to do is say goodbye to their pets when the time comes but, all animals have the right to leave this earth with dignity and with the same love they entered into our homes with.

The point here is that it is important to respect animal life and know what is expected of you before adopting. It is different for every type of creature you’re interested in adding to your family. Though these rights are not laws, the thought is, maybe they should be.

I know that I'm preaching to the choir. If we all do what we can, where we can, the world will be a better place for all animals (including humans).

The Momma

P.S. Brice and Princess Eva will be back on tomorrow's post with their adventure from today.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Misc. Things

Nothing exciting has been happening lately around here. So we have some random things for you.

Our people call this Brice's racing stripe.

My racing stripe is not as pronounced because I'm slower than he is.
I'm working on increasing my speed.

Here we are hanging out in our book group discussion positions.
Imagine us in the same positions in the dark and you'd see how we help Dad go to sleep at night.

Here is a fun little quiz to learn about some unusual pups.

Woof ya later,
Princess Eva

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Can I help?

Our people have a routine. I TRY to help maintain that routine but sometimes they don't appreciate it. We'll talk about how we help Dad another time but here is my morning so far.

Momma always turns the moving picture box on when she gets up for the day. This morning, I brought her the plastic thing that she uses to turn it on and change the picture. She was still in bed asleep but it was time for her to get up. The gnawing on plastic worked. She's awake and moving.

After we come in from taking care of business outside. we always get a treat. Princess Eva was being messy and dropped some crumbs so I tried to help clean-up the crumbs. I must have accidentally stepped on her fur, because she screamed like a banshee. I ended up in a time-out.

It's 8am and Momma says it's going to be a looooong day.


P.S. No pics yet from today so I'll leave you with a pic from the other day when I was helping Dad nap by making sure that he didn't float away.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thank you!!!!

Our friends in the Painter Pack and the OP Pack gave us this beautiful award!

*As a dedication for those who love blogging activity and love to encourage friendships through blogging.
*To seek the reason why we all love blogging.
*Put the award in one post as soon as you receive it.
*Don’t forget to mention the person who gives you the award.
*Answer the Award’s question by writing the reason why you love blogging.
*Tag and distribute the Award to as many people as you like.
*Don’t forget to notify the Award receivers and put their links in your post.

There are many reasons why we love blogging including:

  • meeting pretty pups and wonderful people from all over the world. Sometimes that can expand beyond the blog world into e-mails, phone calls and occasionally meeting in person
  • the support that everyone provides when someone's furkid is having health challenges or has passed to the Rainbow Bridge (we'll never forget all of the support when Tasha passed last spring)
  • coming together as a community to help others in need
  • finding others that are just as crazy as we are. I mentioned Eva-lution to someone at the dog park the other day. After giving me the "you're crazy" look, they asked what the dogs would blog about. I explained that it's not important what they blog about, it is about reaching out in a creative way to others that also love their pups, cats, hamsters etc.
  • PLUS - our pups don't lead a very exciting life but here we can share the 500 pics of the dogs running around at the park or the excitement of a new toy or bag of treats. :-)
If you've taken the time to stop by and see what Princess Eva and Brice are up to, we pass this award to you.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Back to the park

This weekend we were back at our favorite park. Shortly after we arrived, this bewootiful girl came strolling through the gates. Could it be!!! Is it our friend Khyra???? No!?! We were so disappointed that it's not but her name is pronounced Kii-rah. So close but not quite the same.

I am husky! Admire me!

Every pup loves our dad

Notice that I'm nice and clean. Do you think I stayed that way?

Our favorite mud pond!

Chase me!!

Have I mentioned that Brice loves water??

The prospect of a bath does not scare him!

Woof ya later,
Princess Eva

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Brice's Outing with his Momma

Momma asked if I wanted to run few errands with her. Of course I did!!!

We started at our favorite pet supply store to pick up our kibble and few other things. I have to admit that I managed to find a new way to embarrass her. I helped myself to the bulk dog treat bins. Every time we walked by to add things to the check out counter, I snagged another treat. There were so many yummy flavors that I had to try them all! She finally scooped some into a bag and told them to add a little weight to pay for all the ones that I have helped myself to.

Locally owned with several convenient locations.

Then we were off to Lake Calhoun. It's about a 3.2 mile walk around the lake and there were lots of people and dogs out walking.

We didn't get a full bath after playing in the pond the other day because we were out of puppy shampoo. So Momma told me to "go for it" and play in the water.

So many things to sniff on the lakeshore

Do you see what I see?

It's Mr. Duck from my neighbor's roof. I wonder if he followed us.

Momma said that we get to go back again. Since there are usually lots of people and dogs there, it's a good place to work on my manners.

Woof ya later,

Saturday, April 18, 2009

My day with my Dad

On Thursday, Momma took Brice for an outing (tomorrow's post) and Daddy and I went to the park alone. Since the boy wasn't with us, we were able to go to the Minnetrista dog park. He can't be trusted here since it isn't totally fenced. But I can because I'm the perfect little princess.

Remember that we've mentioned that not all dogs are meant to go to dog parks and that we only go to the big parks and never at the busy times? We must have picked the perfect time since there was only one other dog there.

I like this park because of all of the trees and trails

In the distance you can see the marshy area that isn't fenced.

Pretty spring flowers. I wonder if they're tasty?

In case you haven't noticed, they like to make us pose on things

On the other side of the clearing, you can see the other dog that was there

Thanks to my dad for setting up some special time to spend with just me. I love my momma and my brother but I am Daddy's little girl.

Princess Eva