Friday, October 8, 2010

If you could ask your cat or dog any question, what would it be?

A very long post without pictures!!
I know that we’ve been gone for a long time but between work, dog classes, rescue transports, business trips and trying to have a family life, blogging has not been at the top of our list. But something so interesting happened that we have to share.

For many years, I’ve been interested in using a animal communicator to talk the fur-kids but was concerned about finding someone who appeared to really be able to do it and not be a fraud. I came across the blog of a fellow “Belgian” person who has used the same one several times. There was a lot of detail given and I thought “Why not?”

So I contacted the animal communicator that she had used and set up an appointment. I prepared my list of questions and was ready when the appointment time came.

How it works – Sometimes it is done in person but usually it is done over the phone. No, I didn’t hold the phone up to Eva and Brice’s ears but the phone was used for the Communicator and I to talk. The only information that she was given in advance was their names, their breed and the city that we live in. She connects telepathically with the animal, gives me some information to confirm that she connected to the correct dog and then the questions/answers begin. The communication between the communicator and the subject is non-verbal- mostly images, emotions, sounds, smells etc.

This is not a exact transcript but a lot of paraphrasing. The communicator is shown as C, I’m shown as M and additional information for you is ()

The communicator made contact with Eva. Her connection with Eva is very low-key

C- Oooh! She's a very polite young lady. Not a pup and not old (Eva is 6 yrs old)

M -What scares Eva ?

C- a big burly man with big mustache and ruddy complexion that laughed like Santa but mean.
Seemed like a stereotypical biker dude. Very loud . Eva kept saying that he’s scary! He’s very scary!

M - Is this current, in the recent past or before she came to live with us?

C- There are lots of dogs around, more than two. Before she came to live with you

M - We found out after we got Eva that she was potentially from a puppy mill or her parents were(long story). Was it a puppy mill situation?

C- Not like a warehouse situation but there were a lot more dogs but not all looked like her - Not all puppies but not all adults. Seems like there were maybe six different breeds.

C- Eva doesn't like other loud noises - storms, fireworks, nail guns. If we re-roof the house, we need to take Eva somewhere else during that time. The loud noises coming from overhead will really freak her out.

C- But she wants you to know that she feels safe with you

M - Does it help when we give her a pill, some liquid and put her shirt on? (Eva has a tight fitting t-shirt to wear during storms and she gets Rescue Remedy and a children’s Benedryl to help her cope. Otherwise she is a trembling drooling extremely clingy girl)

C- She likes the shirt. Really likes her shirt. Not sure of the pill or liquid(side discussion to make sure that we don't give her ACE). She knows when the storm is coming before you do.

M- Is there something that I can do to make her feel safer?

C- Not that she is aware of. Just keep telling her that she is safe or thinking that she is safe. She can hear you when you’re thinking. Eva knows that we would never let anything hurt her.

M- Does Eva ever see Tasha? (Tasha crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2008)

C- She sees a dark dog more but Tasha does look in on us once in a while. The dark dog looks kind of like her but darker.(The communicator described Tasha's tail and color. That her white chest was very striking) (Tia was a black with tan legs shepherd/husky but crossed the Bridge before Eva joined our family so Eva did not ever meet her)

M- Does Eva like going to the dog park?

C - No, too many people and dogs. (The image that the C had given Eva was of a smaller park where it can be really crowded. I explained that we only go to very large dogs parks and do not stay near the gate but walk the trails.)

C- She's OK when nobody else or just a few dogs/people are at the park and she can just run with Brice. But she's just happy being with you and wants to go places with you.

M - What does Eva think of Brice?

C- He's silly! He's goofy! He's very brave but she doesn't think that he's very bright.

M - Healthwise - does anything hurt or feel uncomfortable?

C - When she runs a lot, her left hind leg gets tender. Not her hip or her knee. More lower back/sacrum area. (Suggested a chiropractor may help)

C – Eva loves when you rub the right side of her neck from her ears to her shoulders.

M- Tell her that Daddy will be home this weekend.

C- Eva said that she knows. You think it all the time.

When the communicator made contact with Brice it was very upbeat, full of giggles and laughing

C- He bounces. He keeps saying "I bounce"

C- Brice has a very healthy ego. He thinks that he is all that! He thinks he's funny. Very different personality than Eva, Brice is very outgoing and "in your face"

C- The communicator asked if Brice is still intact (No) said that he did not lose any of the attitude when he was snipped.

C- What is his job? He needs a job. He’s making up his own jobs around the house because he doesn’t know what his job is.(suggestion given that it is his job to protect the doors and windows and can bark but only at people or dogs that he has not seen before)

M - (Discussion that I would like to compete with Brice in obedience, agility or rally)

C- He thinks obedience class is boring. Do the same thing over and over again. He already know how to do those things.

M- Which would he prefer to do?

C- very excited about doing agility. He loves to jump.

C - (told him that he needs to be polite and do what I ask him to do in order to show everyone how smart he is and then he can earn the right to train in agility)

C- Make sure that Momma keeps talking to me in her head. I can hear her. Then I won't get worried when she stops talking out loud.

M- Does Brice get queasy in the car?

C- A little but only when there is a lot of stop and go or variance in speed. On the highway, he's fine.

M - Did Brice like daycare?

C- They thought I was very nice

M - But didn't you get in trouble and that is why you don't go to daycare anymore.

C- The other dogs needed someone to tell them where to go. If I didn't do it, no one else would. (He got in trouble for trying to herd the other dogs and some dogs reacted negatively to it)

M - Healthwise - does anything hurt or feel uncomfortable?

C- His back can get a little "ouchy" when he jumps too high, twisted or often for his flying squirrel. (he gave the image of him being straight up and down)

M- Why does he get a little growly?
(Communicator said she wasn’t getting any images of him rally growling, I said that it usually happens when someone or Eva walks near him when he’s laying down or walking into a dark room when he’s sleeping. We never took it as aggression, more of just a way to communicate)

C- He's just talking and saying "watch out, I'm here". Before us, sometimes he was around too many dogs and they would get too close, push him or he would get stepped on. If he felt that we needed to be defended, it would be a very different tone.

M – what does Brice think of me (since I’d like to compete with him, I wanted to know if he thought of us as equals, if I was the leader etc)

C- not a specific answer but he gets very “mushy” when it comes to you.

M- Tell him that Daddy is coming home this weekend.

C- Brice got excited and talked about rolling around on the floor with their daddy

This ‘meeting’ gave me a lot to think about – much of it, I already knew or thought but I learned a few things. The pups will be seeing a chiropractor to see if we can address Eva’s left hind leg issue and if Brice needs any adjustments.
Will we do it again? I’m hoping to make this an annual appointment but will probably do a follow-up appointment in a month or so. I thought of so many other things that I’d like to ask or get additional information on.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

We're still here

Sorry that we've been gone so long. Momma was abducted by aliens and was just recently returned.

Meanwhile it's be a lot of our normal activities - going to the park, playing in the pool and going to daycare.

The other day at the park someone asked if we are long-haired greyhounds. Momma is still speechless.

I may be skinny(when wet) and fast but I an 100% Belgian.

I've also been expanding my redecorating skills and exploring the concept that everything is edible. There may be pictures coming soon.


Saturday, May 1, 2010


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Monday, March 22, 2010

Word on the street...

is that we may be ready to re-enter the blogging world. No, Momma still hasn't designed our website that she promised us but we'll just be happy to be back.

In the meantime, here is a video from a few weeks ago. Apologies to those who may have already seen it on Facebook.

Woof ya soon!
Princess Eva & Brice

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Barkday at the Dog Park

First - we apologize for our assistant's lack of time management skills. For some reason, she seems to think that blogging is not at the top of her list of things to do.

Second - thanks to everyone for my barkday wishes!!!

Here are some of the videos and pics that Dad took when we went to the dog park on Monday.

We had the park to ourselves

Princess Eva always has a thick coat but during the winter, she has enough fur for at least two more dogs

Brice likes to get snow on his snooter

Silly Dad actually thought that he needed to ask if we wanted to go to the park

Doing Zoomies!!

And more Zoomies. Brice and I usually zoomie in circles because he's faster so he runs bigger circles than me.

Thanks for stopping by. We're going to sit on Momma until she visits each your blogs.

Woof ya later,
Princess Eva & Brice

Monday, December 21, 2009

Eva's Barkday!!!!

Today is Princess Eva's 6th birthday!!!!!

Sadly, Momma is at work so she can't help us celebrate but Dad stayed home with us today. We know that there will be special treats involved but not sure what else.

We hope to be back later with a more current picture if blogger will cooperate.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Another star will shine tonight

After living a long and much loved life, Khyra's sibe-sister, Kyrye, has made the journey to the rainbow bridge. Kyrye did not have her own blog so please go to Khyra's blog to offer your support during this difficult time.

We'll be lighting a candle tonight in Kyrye's honor and watching for her star.

Message From Valhalla

You were with me to the very end and even after I had "gone" you held me,
and as my soul left my body and I looked down and saw you crying,
I wanted so much to tell you that I understood. You did this for me.

I tried to tell you in my own way that it was time for me to leave,
and I thank you for understanding. No other will take my place,
but those I left behind will need your love and affection as I have had.

You still think of me, and there are times you try to hide your tear-filled eyes....
but happy and think not of sadness,
but of how I made you happy and made you laugh at the funny and smart things I did.

There are no fences in Valhalla, for no one has the desire to "dig out".

There are no thunderstorms in Valhalla, therefore fear is never present.

There are no fights in Valhalla. Everyone is congenial.

There is no hunger. There is no thirst. There is much to explore.
Many of us who are older take care of the little ones and guide them.
It's fun watching them run with their ears flopping and their curly tails wagging.

We have four seasons in Valhalla, and most of us agree, winter is our favorite.

So you see, my loved one, I am very happy...

When it comes time for my friends to leave,
I will meet them at the gates of Valhalla,
and I will acquaint them with this beautiful and serene place,
and I will take care of them for you.

Thank you for loving me, caring for me, and having the courage to let me go with dignity.

Jane S. Morris